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Big Company Morning Post|Himalaya plans to list on Hong Kong stocks, Hengda Group claims bankruptcy and restructuring remarks are completely untrue_关恒大

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Original Title: Morning Post of Major Companies | Himalaya plans to list on Hong Kong stocks, Evergrande Group claims bankruptcy and restructuring remarks are completely untrue

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Today is Tuesday, September 14th. In the past 24 hours, major company developments worthy of attention include: Himalaya plans to go public on the Hong Kong stock market, with revenue of 2.51 billion in the first half of 2021; Heytea and Lelecha respond to the listing plan; The remarks about the bankruptcy and reorganization are completely untrue; Are you hungry and fined 80,000 for unfair competition…

Listing and financing

Himalaya plans to list on Hong Kong stocks, with revenue of 2.51 billion yuan in the first half of 2021

According to the official website of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, on September 13, Himalaya submitted a listing application to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The joint sponsors were Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and CICC.

According to Himalaya’s listing application: For the six months ended June 30, 2021, the average total monthly active users reached 262.1 million, including 110.9 million mobile average monthly active users and 151.2 million people listening to audio content through the Internet of Things and other open platforms. Average monthly active users. Revenue increased by 55.5% from RMB 1.6163 billion for the six months ended June 30, 2020 to RMB 2.5136 billion for the same period in 2021.

Tencent, China Reading, Baidu, Xiaomi, Good Future, and Sony Music are strategic investors in Himalaya. The main financial investors include American Pan Atlantic Investment Group, Trust Capital, Goldman Sachs, Xingwang Investment, Creation Partners Capital, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Hewlett Capital, etc.

Hey Tea responds to listing in Hong Kong: no plans for the time being

According to Bloomberg, Hi Tea is considering listing in Hong Kong as soon as next year, and the company is considering hiring UBS to arrange its $500 million Hong Kong IPO. In response, Xicha responded: “Fake fakes, the company has no plans to go public for the time being.” (Sina Technology)

Lelecha responds to the news of listing in Hong Kong: At this stage, focusing on business development, there is no clear listing plan yet

On September 13, Lelecha responded to the news of listing in Hong Kong, saying that the company is focusing on business development at this stage and has no clear listing plan for the time being.

Big company dynamics

Evergrande Group: The recent online remarks about Evergrande’s bankruptcy and reorganization are completely untrue

On September 13, Evergrande Group issued a statement stating that the recent online statements about Evergrande’s bankruptcy and reorganization were completely untrue. The company has indeed encountered unprecedented difficulties, but the company resolutely fulfills its corporate responsibility, goes all out to resume work and production, guarantee the delivery of buildings, do everything possible to resume normal operations, and fully protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

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Ant Forest responded to the question of not planting Haloxylon trees: the planting was completed in 2019, and the drought caused the Haloxylon trees to be short

Some netizens reported that No. 277, Ant Forest, located in Alxa Left Banner, Inner Mongolia, is suspected of not planting Haloxylon ammodendron. On the morning of September 13, Ant Forest staff rushed to the site to check the video. The video showed that the Haloxylon spp. in the planting pit was relatively short due to the drought, but still survived tenaciously. There was no “no afforestation” reported by netizens.

Huawei Yu Chengdong: HarmonyOS 2 upgrade users have exceeded 100 million

Huawei’s executive director and CEO of consumer business Yu Chengdong announced that as of September 12, the number of upgraded users of HarmonyOS 2 exceeded 100 million, becoming the world’s fastest mobile operating system with more than 100 million users.

Are you hungry and fined 80,000 for unfair competition

Recently, the Intermediate People’s Court of Chuzhou City, Anhui Province issued a judgment on unfair competition. The court found that Ele.me forced the merchant to “choose one of the two”. After being rejected, Ele.me logged into the merchant account to forcibly close its store, and determined that Ele.me compensated Meituan for economic losses of 80,000 yuan. It is understood that this is after being fined by Wenzhou Intermediate People’s Court in April, Ele.me was punished again for unfair competition. (Phoenix Technology)

Dada Group, JD and Microsoft reached strategic cooperation

On September 13, Dada Group, JD.com and Microsoft formally reached a strategic cooperation. According to the agreement, the three parties will cooperate in product management, digital marketing, refined user operations, and contract performance optimization. According to reports, nearly 100 retail stores of Microsoft authorized dealers in 32 cities across the country have settled in JD Daojia and successively launched JD Mall. According to the cooperation plan, the three parties will further expand the one-hour service coverage, allowing more consumers to choose a nearby Microsoft store on JD Daojia or JD’s platform to place an order with one click, and enjoy Microsoft digital products from order to delivery 1 hour service experience.

New announcements of listed companies

China Evergrande expects that sales will continue to fall sharply in September, which will further put tremendous pressure on cash flow and liquidity

On September 14, China Evergrande announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that September is usually the peak of property contract sales in China’s real estate industry. However, due to continued negative news reports on the Group seriously affecting the confidence of potential home buyers, the company expects that September sales will continue to be substantial. The decline has led to the continued deterioration of the Group’s sales collection, which has further put tremendous pressure on cash flow and liquidity. We will continue to promote the measures disclosed in the interim results announcement to alleviate liquidity problems, including but not limited to: adjusting project development timetables, strictly controlling costs, vigorously promoting sales and collections, striving for loan renewals and extensions, and selling equity and assets (including But not limited to investing in properties, hotels and other properties) and introducing investors to increase the equity of the Group and its subsidiaries.

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CATL: Planning to build a new type of lithium battery production base project with 13.5 billion yuan

On September 13, Ningde Times announced that it plans to invest in the construction of a new-type lithium battery production base (Yichun) project in Yichun City, Jiangxi Province. The total investment of the project will not exceed RMB 13.5 billion. On the same day, the company announced that the company intends to jointly invest in the establishment of “Suzhou Times Xin’an Energy Technology Co., Ltd. (under preparation)” (referred to as the “joint venture”) in Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province with Shanghai Shida, Suzhou Xinyue and Jiang Yong, focusing on electric vehicle drive control systems . The registered capital of the joint venture is 2.5 billion yuan, of which the company has invested 1.35 billion yuan and holds 54% of the equity in the joint venture.

News in the consumer sector

Moutai responded to “Flying Moutai guide price will increase”: the news is not true

On September 13, the market circulated a “Minutes of Experts’ Exchanges in Kweichow Moutai”, which mentioned that if the ex-factory price of Feitian Moutai could not be raised, it would consider raising the guide price from 1499 yuan/bottle to 1799 yuan/bottle. In response, the relevant person in charge of Kweichow Moutai replied to the reporter of China Securities Journal: “No such meeting was held, and the news is not true.” (China Securities Network)

FamilyMart plans to open 1,000 unmanned settlement convenience stores by fiscal 2024

According to media quoted sources, FamilyMart Co. plans to open about 1,000 unmanned settlement convenience stores before the end of fiscal year 2024 (as of the end of February 2025). (Associated Finance Press)

Zhong Xuegao’s major shareholder changed to Hong Kong capital

Recently, Zhong Xuegao Foods (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. has undergone a number of industrial and commercial changes, with a new shareholder Gloryseed HK Limited. The major shareholder is changed from Zhong Xuegao Venture Capital (Shenzhen) Co., Ltd. to Gloryseed HK Limited, which holds 51% of the shares. The registered capital increased from approximately RMB 2,324,800 to RMB 4,744,500, an increase of approximately 104%.

New developments in the field of teaching and training

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New Oriental Online’s K12 business Oriental Youbo decided to close

According to the news on September 13, a few days ago, Oriental Youbo, a subsidiary of New Oriental Online, closed the K12-stage subject training business. The company will do a good job in refunds for students and proper placement and compensation of employee partners in accordance with laws and regulations. (interface)

New Oriental established a new company in Xiamen, the business scope includes off-campus hosting services

According to the data, New Oriental Education Consulting (Xiamen) Co., Ltd. was established recently. The legal representative is Yang Weiguo with a registered capital of 20.1 million. The business scope includes education consulting services; family education consulting services for parents; off-kindergarten custody services; off-campus custody for primary and middle school students Service etc. Shareholder information shows that the company is indirectly wholly-owned by New Oriental Education Technology Group Co., Ltd.

New developments in the field of entertainment

Tickets for Universal Studios Beijing are on sale, and tickets are sold out in 1 minute on the day

On September 14th, tickets for Universal Studios Beijing will go on sale at 0:00. According to the requirements for epidemic prevention and control, the opening time of Universal Studios Beijing on September 20 was adjusted to 12 noon, and the closing time was extended to 10 pm. Visitors need to make an appointment in advance through the official App of Universal Beijing Resort, and enter the park according to the appointment time.

Two minutes before the ticket was opened, the official App was once squeezed and “paralyzed”. According to data from platforms such as Ctrip and Fliggy, one minute after the ticket is issued, the tickets are sold out immediately.

NetEase Cloud Music launches new product function “Vinyl Story”

On September 10, NetEase Cloud Music launched a new product function “Vinyl Story”, which presents the story behind the song in the form of a video on the vinyl playback page, giving the music more visual experience. From now on, musicians can upload and publish music videos on NetEase Cloud Music, and then associate the music videos to specific songs through the backstage of the Creator Center to complete the production of “vinyl stories”.

Beacon Pro is launched on the box office for performances, access to the performance ticketing information collection and service platform

On September 13, Beacon Professional, as a third-party data analysis platform, announced that the entire network will be the first to access this information collection platform. The performance box office information will be made available to the public through the Beacon Professional. Return to Sohu to see more


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