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Big Company Morning Post | Faraday Future Receives Delisting Warning

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Original Title: Big Company Morning Post | Faraday Future receives a delisting warning

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Today is Monday, November 29th, and there are these company updates in the past weekend: It is reported that Ali CEO Zhang Yong will delegate power, and the department president may become a “mini CEO”; Haohuanluo responded to the worm egg incident and said that it will be behind the verification; Faraday Future (FF), an electric car company founded by Jia Yueting, has recently received a Nasdaq delisting warning…

First look at the Internet company dynamics:

Weibo intends to sell 11 million shares globally and is expected to be listed on December 8

On November 29, Weibo-SW (09898.HK) announced that the company intends to offer 11 million shares globally, including 1.1 million Hong Kong offering shares, 9.9 million international offering shares, and another 15% over-allotment option; 2021 IPO from November 29 to December 2 , The entrance fee is approximately HK$7,838; Goldman Sachs, Credit Suisse, CITIC Securities and CICC are joint sponsors; Class A ordinary shares are expected to be listed on the Main Board of the Stock Exchange on December 8, 2021.

It is reported that Ali CEO Zhang Yong wants to delegate power, and the department president may become a “mini CEO”

According to news on November 27, people familiar with the matter said that Zhang Yong, CEO of Alibaba Group, is delegating power to the heads of the company’s various business departments in order to respond more flexibly to the increasing challenges. Zhang Yong is handing over more responsibilities to the presidents of various business units. From location-based services to cloud computing, these presidents now play the role of “mini CEO”. This is to speed up decision-making so that each department can better resist competition, revive sluggish sales, and reshape the company’s overall image. (Phoenix Technology)

Tencent Tenpay was fined for responding to foreign exchange business violations: rectification has been completed

Recently, Tenpay Payment Technology Co., Ltd., the operating entity of WeChat Pay, was fined 2.78 million yuan for violation of foreign exchange business regulations. On November 28, Tenpay responded that, in response to the problems found in the 2019-2020 routine inspection, Tenpay has formulated an improvement plan as soon as possible and implemented it item by item. The rectification has now been completed. Follow-up will further strengthen compliance management under the guidance of the Shenzhen Branch of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

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After Tencent’s App updates temporarily, QQ releases internal beta

According to news on November 28, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has previously adopted transitional administrative guidance measures for Tencent, requiring that new products and updated versions of existing apps to be released must undergo technical inspections organized by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology before they are put on the shelves. Netizens discovered that after the Tencent App was temporarily updated, QQ released a new internal beta, adding a list of personal information collection and a list of third-party personal information sharing. (IT House)

The central bank responded to the collection code management: consumers’ daily payment experience will not be affected

Recently, it was reported that “WeChat and Alipay payment codes cannot be used for business collection.” Can the QR code for payment be used? Xinhua News Agency learned from the relevant department of the People’s Bank of China on November 27 that the statement was misunderstood. Merchants who use “code tags” or printed and packaged QR codes need to apply to collection service agencies (such as WeChat, Alipay, etc.) to convert to commercial collection codes, but consumers’ daily payment experience and feelings will not be affected.

An UP main at station B apologized to Pinduoduo for video fraud, and the account involved was banned for 30 days

On November 27th, Bilibili issued a penalty announcement regarding the UP owner’s “out of the box and blame”. It was verified that the video “I bought an Apple X at PDD for 760 yuan, and I cried directly after opening the box” released by the UP owner on June 10 was false content. The UP owner also issued an apology statement saying that the Apple mobile phone tested was purchased from other platforms and has nothing to do with Pinduoduo. Station B was banned for 30 days for his actions.

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Mango SuperMedia: Subsidiary signs cooperation framework agreement with Migu Culture

On November 28, Mango SuperMedia announced that on the basis of the trial operation cooperation in 2021, the company’s wholly-owned subsidiary Happy Sunshine and Migu Culture intend to sign a 2021-2023 cooperation framework agreement. During the cooperation period stipulated in the agreement, the cooperation amount shall not be less than 3.5 billion yuan (including the estimated cooperation amount of about 800 million yuan for the trial operation in 2021).

Next is the consumer sector:

Haohuanluo responded to the egg incident: it has been in compliance with food safety standards and will be behind the inspections

Recently, some netizens reported on social media platforms that Haohuanluo ate insect eggs. In the early morning of November 28, Haohuanluo’s official Weibo responded that dry material buns and vegetable buns were pasteurized and conformed to food. safety standard. He also stated that commercial slanders have occurred from time to time, and the incident will be checked, and if there is a push behind the scenes, rights will be safeguarded in accordance with the law.

Cha Yan Yue Se sued Cha Yan Guan Se second instance verdict: the appeal was rejected and the original verdict was upheld

On November 26, the Changsha Intellectual Property Court against Hunan Chayue Catering Management Co., Ltd. v. Guangzhou Luoqi Catering Management Co., Ltd., Guangzhou Kaijun Shengpin Catering Management Co., Ltd., and Liuqiong Beverage Store in Tianxin District, Changsha City The judgment of the second instance was pronounced and 3 items of infringing decoration elements were found, which was 8 items less than that of the first instance. The appeal of Luoqi Company, one of the defendants in the first instance, was rejected and the original judgment was upheld.

Next is car related:

Faraday Future Sounds Delisting Warning: Not Submitting Three Quarterly Reports on Time

A few days ago, the electric car company Faraday Future (FF) said that it had received a NASDAQ letter reminder because it had not submitted its third-quarter financial report on time. According to the content of the letter, Faraday Future needs to submit the report within 60 natural days. According to Nasdaq’s rules, if the relevant report is not submitted within the prescribed time limit, then Faraday Future is likely to be delisted.

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According to Faraday Future insiders, the reason why the financial report was not submitted within the prescribed time limit was because J Capital Research, a well-known short-selling agency, recently released a short-sale report on FF. Before the end of the investigation, the financial report will not be announced, and the time for the end of the investigation is still uncertain. (The Paper)

Xiaomi cars settled in Beijing Economic Development Zone, the first car will be off the assembly line and achieve mass production in 2024

On November 27, the Management Committee of Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone and Xiaomi formally signed a cooperation agreement, officially announcing that Xiaomi Motors will settle in Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone. Xiaomi Automobile will build a vehicle plant with a cumulative annual output of 300,000 vehicles in the Beijing Economic Development Zone in two phases. The first and second phases will have a production capacity of 150,000 vehicles respectively. Produce.

Musk urges Tesla employees to reduce delivery costs, not to get together and deliver goods at the end of the year

On November 28, local time, Tesla CEO Musk urged employees in a company-wide email to find ways to reduce the cost of delivering electric vehicles to customers, rather than to achieve the quarter-end sales target. Orders are shipped in an instant. This year, Tesla has been working hard to deliver new cars to American customers within the originally promised date range, but there are still many American Tesla customers who have experienced several months of delivery delays. (Sina Finance) Return to Sohu to see more


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