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Big Company Morning Post | Orion reissues a statement denying price increases and ingredient double-standard Apple suspends sales of products in Russia – yqqlm

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Today is Wednesday, March 2nd. In the past 24 hours, you can follow the news of these big companies: Debon responded to the rumor of being acquired by JD.com; Suspend the sale of products in Russia and close some functions…

Let’s first look at the dynamics of Internet companies:

Debon responds to rumors of being acquired by JD.com: The announcement shall prevail, and trading will continue to be suspended

On March 2, according to Xinyan Finance, JD.com has recently completed the acquisition of Debon Express. In this regard, Debon Express responded that: everything is subject to the announcement. At the same time, Debon shares issued an announcement that its controlling shareholder is planning major matters related to changes in the shareholding structure. The company’s shares will continue to be suspended from March 2, 2022, and the suspension is expected to last no more than 3 trading days.

Maimai founder responds to the controversy over the company’s comment model: only current and former employees can comment on the company

Recently, Maimai launched a company review model, which caused heated discussions. On March 2, CEO Lin Fan made a public response to the controversy about the commenting mode that the public is more concerned about, that is, whether the commentary is objective, whether there are rumors and maliciously brushing positive comments: Comments themselves are subjective, but rules will be formulated to make comments more and more Approaching to be objective, true and comprehensive; Maimai creates a platform for equal dialogue between employees and enterprises, protects employees’ right to speak, and uses rules to limit the generation and spread of rumors; only current employees and former employees can comment, to prevent praise and navy.

Liang Zhu, CEO of Tencent Music: No one’s departure has anything to do with people, Tencent Music is essentially a content company

It was reported on March 2 that before the Spring Festival this year, QQ Music held an internal annual meeting. Liang Zhu, CEO of Tencent Music Entertainment Group, said at the meeting that the resignation of any person has nothing to do with the person, but the requirement of organizational adjustment, and will continue to implement management this year. Rotation system for cadres. It is understood that Tencent Music did not hold a unified annual meeting at the group level this year, but took the form of a small annual meeting. Group Chairman Peng Jiaxin is responsible for the copyright content business, CEO Liang Zhu is responsible for the QQ Music business line, Group Vice President Chen Linlin leads the Kugou Music business line, and Group Vice President Shi Lili leads the Long Audio and Kuwo Music business lines. Four internal annual meetings were held. (interface)

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Ele.me announces commission reduction for catering businesses in high-risk areas

On March 2, Ele.me issued a document announcing that it would step up efforts to bail out merchants. The first batch of 20 million yuan was invested in cash to implement commissions for all catering merchants in 87 districts and counties that were classified as high-risk areas in the epidemic from January to February. relief. According to reports, all merchants in the above-mentioned areas can enjoy at least 15 days of commission reduction, and the returned commission will be transferred directly to the merchant’s account before the end of March. At the same time, new merchants in medium and high-risk areas after March 1 will also enjoy the same commission reduction measures.

Meituan established a low-altitude logistics technology company with a registered capital of 10 million

Tianyancha App shows that recently, Shenzhen Meituan Low-altitude Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. was established, with its legal representative Mao Yianyi and a registered capital of 10 million yuan. Its business scope includes research and development and sales of intelligent robots; manufacturing and sales of intelligent unmanned aerial vehicles; urban distribution Transportation services; civil aircraft pilot training; general aviation services, etc. Shareholder information shows that the company is wholly-owned by Beijing Sankuai Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliate of Meituan.

Hello travel applies for “Xiao Ha repair car” trademark

The Tianyancha App shows that recently, Shanghai Junfeng Network Technology Co., Ltd., a related company of Hello Travel, applied for the registration of the trademark “Xiaoha Repair Car”. The international classification is construction repair, and the current trademark status is under application.

Next is the dynamics of the consumption field:

Orion re-issued a statement: No price increase, no double-standard ingredients

Recently, some netizens broke the news that Orion only raised prices in China and other markets in response to rising raw material prices. On the evening of March 2, Orion’s official Weibo issued a company-stamped statement letter to respond again. Orion said that the company’s product prices in the Chinese market have remained stable in recent years. Although affected by the sharp rise in the prices of raw and auxiliary materials, the prices of the three brands in the more affected pie category will only be fine-tuned in September 2021, and the prices of other categories such as puffing, biscuits, and candies will remain unchanged The prices of all products have not been adjusted since September 2021.

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The statement said that in order to ensure the consistent quality of Orion pie eaten by consumers from all over the world, Orion Group has formulated a globally unified quality standard. Due to the different product labeling regulations and raw material names in different countries, there will be slight differences in the final ingredient list. Cocoa powder, cocoa mass, milk powder, oil (substitute for cocoa butter), etc. in the ingredients used in the coating part of Orion Pie in various countries, the raw material models and standards are exactly the same, and even some suppliers are the same, so there is no so-called double standard problem.

Liu Yonghao: New Hope Group’s revenue in 2021 will exceed 240 billion yuan

Liu Yonghao, chairman of New Hope Group, disclosed that the sales of New Hope Group exceeded 240 billion yuan last year. Although the pig cycle superimposed the African swine fever and the new crown epidemic, its listed company New Hope Liuhe suffered large losses, but New Hope Group’s overall net profit Profits are still marginally profitable.

Next is related to the technology circle:

Apple suspends product sales in Russia and shuts down some features

On March 1, local time, the American company Apple issued a statement saying that it would suspend the sales of Apple products in Russia and limit the Apple Pay function. In addition, apps from Russia Today and Sputnik have also been removed from the Apple App Store outside of Russia. (CCTV News)

Apple will hold a new product launch conference to release new products such as iPhone SE3

In the early morning of March 3, Apple announced that it will hold an online press conference with the theme of “High Energy Transmission” at 2 am Beijing time on March 9. The conference is expected to bring a variety of new products such as the third-generation iPhone SE (5G), iPad Air 5, and M1 upgraded new Mac.

Arm headquarters spokesman said “all listing possibilities” are being considered

On March 2, a spokesman for Arm headquarters recently revealed that all options for listing will be considered. At present, Arm is valued at more than $40 billion in the private market, and the price of public listing may rise further. Even if SoftBank sells just 30% of its old shares, it would bring the public offering for the listing to more than $10 billion and is on track to rank among the world‘s largest equity rounds in 2022. (21st Century Business Herald)

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Honor CEO Zhao Ming: The folding screen mobile phone market will grow 10 times in 2022

A few days ago, at the 2022 World Mobile Conference, Honor CEO Zhao Ming recently stated that he believes that ordinary mobile phones and folding screen mobile phones will become the mainstream of smartphones. In 2022, the folding screen mobile phone market can grow by 10 times, which will be a new growth area , Glory must invest for the future. (Securities Times)

Next is the car related:

Weimar announced that the price of some models will increase, ranging from 3,000 yuan to 4,000 yuan

Recently, WM Motor announced that due to factors such as rising component prices, starting from March 1, the production schedule and model prices of some WM Motor models will be gradually adjusted. Among them, the current relevant policies of all 2022 EX5-Z models remain unchanged. After comprehensive subsidies, the 2022 EX5-Z PRO all-around version is priced at 154,800 yuan, and the Lead version is priced at 163,800 yuan, an increase of 3,000-4,000 yuan. (Sina Technology)

Dongfeng Group: Negotiating with Stellantis on new business arrangement of Shenlong Motors

On March 1, Dongfeng Group announced that the group is now negotiating with Stellantis on a new business arrangement for Shenlong Automobile Co., Ltd. As at the date of the announcement, there is no legally binding agreement between Stellantis and the Group in relation to the new business arrangement. The final terms of the definitive agreement are subject to further negotiation between the parties. The company will make further announcements on the progress of the negotiation in due course.

Ford to separate electric and internal combustion engines to maximize profits

Ford Motor Co on Wednesday will announce a restructuring plan under which its electric vehicle and internal combustion engine businesses will operate separately, three people familiar with the matter said, in a move aimed at maximizing profits and growing the EV business at a faster pace . Ford will appoint executives to lead each of the businesses, which will have separate names, and Ford will outline updated profit margin targets for the company as a whole. One of the sources said the idea for Ford was to eventually report results for its electric and internal-combustion vehicle businesses separately. (interface) Return to Sohu, see more


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