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Bills, electricity and gas bonuses for 5 million families in 2023

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Bills, electricity and gas bonuses for 5 million families in 2023

The president of Arera Stefano Besseghinirecently stated that the switch to automation for the bonus energy per gas e luce “has led to a significant increase in the number of beneficiaries (households) for energy supplies which, in 2021, were just under 2.5 million for the electric bonus and just over 1.5 million for that gas (recording an increase, respectively, of 208.9% and 182.7% compared to 2020, the last year of application of the mechanism so-called “on demand”) and which, in 2022, have further increased, respectively, to over 3.7 and 2.4 million households (increase partly due to the increase in the access threshold)”.

“For the year 2023, a further increase in the beneficiaries of the electricity and gas social bonuses can be estimated, which could amount to around 5 million households“, added Besseghini during a hearing on the energy poverty in the Environment Committee in the Chamber. For 2023, the threshold for access to energy bonuses is 15,000 euros for households with less than 4 dependent children and 30,000 euros for those with at least 4 dependent children.

In 2022, approximately 86% of the electricity and gas bonuses were paid to households with fewer than four members. Gas bonuses are recognized for 55% to households that consume gas for heating, domestic hot water and food cooking and 45% to households that consume gas only for domestic hot water and food cooking. Mode of Home heating alternatives to natural gas or electricity (for example, district heating, LPG) do not currently fall within the scope of the two concessions.

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The prime tre regions by number of concessions recognized (in absolute terms) are: for the electricity bonus, Campania (579,235 equal to 25% of electricity supplies), Sicily (509,882 equal to 21% of electricity supplies) and Lombardy (445,335 equal to 8% of electricity supplies); for the gas bonus, Lombardy (398,723 equal to 10% of gas supplies), Campania (295,018 equal to 24% of gas supplies) and Lazio (235,444 equal to 12% of supplies).

“Overall, in 2022, to strengthen the social bonus, 2,001 million euros were needed for the electricity bonus and 1,830 million euros for the gas bonus,” explained Besseghini. “THE legislative measures aimed at strengthening support measures in favor of families, in order to counter the economic effects of the surge in international energy prices recorded starting from the second half of 2021 – clarified Besseghini – have also affected the methods for quantifying the energy social bonuses, the ‘automation’ of which has allowed enhanced use of an emergency nature of the instrument to protect households in energy poverty”. (Ticker)

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