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Bills, goodbye protected prices. Stop benefits for the frail and vulnerable? What changes

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Bills, goodbye protected prices.  Stop benefits for the frail and vulnerable?  What changes

Bills, end of the protected market. Stop advantageous prices for fragile and vulnerable customers? What’s been happening since July

Time is running out for the protected light market, expiring on 1 July 2024. The question arises spontaneously, what will happen to vulnerable and fragile users with the transition to the free market? Let’s first explain what is meant by these two categories of customers.

Both for gas and electricity, we mean vulnerable customers: those who are in disadvantaged economic conditions, i.e. the recipients of the social bonus which is precisely the discount on the bill provided for families in difficulty; who has one disability pursuant to article 3 of law 104/92; who has a user in an emergency home following calamitous events; who has aged over 75.

Furthermore, for the supply of electricity alone, vulnerable customers are also included bonus recipients for serious health conditions (such as to require the use of medical-therapeutic equipment powered by electricity) and those who have a user on a smaller, non-interconnected island. So, vulnerable e fragileconsidering the latter as those who find themselves in conditions of particular economic and physical hardship, coincide only in part.

But what happens, then, to the vulnerable with the end of price protections? For the market of electricitythis type of customer will continue to benefit from the greater protection service even after 1 July 2024, when, however, for non-vulnerable domestic customers gradual protections will come into force.

As he writes Milan Financeall customers served under enhanced protection who have not been identified as vulnerable, but who meet those criteria, must communicate this to their seller by filling out the form that they will also receive from their merchant in order to remain within this service. On the site of the Arera, the form to self-certify the vulnerability condition is however available. If any changes should occur, the owner of the supply will have to contact his seller.

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However, the situation is different for the gas. Starting from January, when the price protectionsthe seller must continue to provide the supply with the protection service vulnerabilityto the economic conditions envisaged for the gas protection service defined by the Authority and with the contractual conditions of the Placet natural gas offer (with the exception of the method of receiving the bill, which will be the same as that already in use by the customer in the scope of the protection service).

The customer served in gas protection who has not been identified as vulnerable can request his or another seller to be served in the vulnerability protection service by filling out the form he received from his seller last September.

In both the electricity and gas markets, the vulnerable customer can choose an offer of free market, with the methods and timing provided for by the regulation. Similarly, a vulnerable customer who is already on the free market can request to be provided under the conditions defined by the Authority (vulnerability protection service).

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