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Bills, Salvini against Fitto: “The free market is a mistake”

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Bills, Salvini against Fitto: “The free market is a mistake”

For minister Raffaele Fitto the controversy “is paradoxical”. And at the head of those who argue is the deputy prime minister of his government, Matteo Salvini. A frontal view around Palazzo Chigi. So much so that the leader of the Democratic Party, Elly Schlein, has an assist to the kiss served on the plate: “But where was Salvini in the Council of Ministers?”. What triggered the short circuit in the government was the provision issued the day before yesterday by the CDM: it certifies the stop to the protected market for energy bills. So we move on to the free market, from January for gas, from April for electricity.
The first to attack the move was Schlein himself. Yesterday morning he called a press conference at the Nazarene, accompanied in a video call by Pier Luigi Bersani, to ask Giorgia Meloni’s executive to extend the old protections for at least a year. Objective: to avoid “touching the raw flesh of the difficulties of 5 million families, 10 million users, who are exposed to inflation, high cost of living, high energy costs, high bills, high petrol prices”. Otherwise, claims the Democratic secretary, there will be a “Meloni tax on the bill”.
The attack also served the Democratic Party to avoid the protests, which arrived promptly from FdI, from those who remember that it was precisely the Dems, with the rest of the Draghi majority, voting for the Pnrr, who planned the stop to the protections at the end of 2023. The operation was included in the 2022 competition law (Draghi government, therefore including both Pd and 5S, FI and Lega), then the subject of negotiations for the release of the third installment of the recovery and resilience plan, 18.5 billion paid at the beginning of October. But compared to 2022, says Schlein, “the world has changed, there was the war with Putin’s criminal invasion in Ukraine and today there is another conflict”.
What complicates things for the majority is above all Salvini’s intervention. The Northern League vice-premier said he had spoken about the issue with Fitto, adding that he was in favor of a postponement: “I’m counting on dialogue to be able to remedy a mistake we found on the table”, is the leader’s line of the Carroccio.
While other fringes of the opposition target the measure – from Giuseppe Conte to the red-greens Nicola Fratoianni and Angelo Bonelli – FdI counterattacks. Placing all the blame on the Democratic Party. It is the stable order of Via della Scrofa, which is interpreted by several big names, from the Melonian group leader in the Chamber, Tommaso Foti, to Francesco Filini, head of the prime minister’s party program: «Schlein makes a blunder».
But it is Fitto’s words in the press conference at Palazzo Chigi that make the climate hot on the right. The Minister of EU Affairs appears astonished by the ally’s outburst: “I don’t understand anyone who is making political controversy over this, the provision dates back to 2022.” In short, for the FdI minister “the effects that could not be shared could have been noticed before” and raising objections today is precisely “paradoxical” (note: the reporters’ question on the topic only cited Salvini, not Conte and Schlein). “Having said this – states the owner of the Pnrr – the issue is there and the government is dealing with it”. Even if the hypothesis of negotiations with Brussels on a new extension is currently more than remote. And we’re at the end.

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