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Bills: the government is preparing new aid for families and businesses

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«The government is developing further measures aimed at mitigating the impact that high bills have on households and businesses ”. Sources from Palazzo Chigi report this. A novelty in some way “announced” after it became known in the last few hours that the Minister for Ecological Transition Cingolani in recent days has given Prime Minister Draghi a package of measures (10 in all) to contain the increases.
News confirmed by the Deputy Minister of Economy Laura Castelli, who declared: «We are working on a package of regulations, including structural ones, against expensive energy. A priority to protect families and businesses that, with these increases, no longer have the convenience to produce. The bills must be lowered immediately ».

Confindustria: “37 billion in costs for 2022, companies at risk”

«The high bill puts the industrial system at risk. The cost of energy for businesses in 2019 was 8 billion, in 2021 it was 20 billion and the forecast for 2022 is 37 billion. It is like having downloaded the entire cost of the financial institution on the industrial system. The country must assume the responsibility of setting up a medium and long-term strategic vision because the problem is structural and the cost will remain high also in the future “. This was underlined by Aurelio Regina, delegate for Energy of the president of National Confindustria Bonomi, in a meeting organized by Confindustria Cuneo to make proposals to reduce the expensive bills for businesses.

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