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Bills, the price of light has collapsed since April (-55.3%). Here’s for whom

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Bills, the price of light has collapsed since April (-55.3%).  Here’s for whom

The price of light collapses (-55.3%). Save up to 793 euros on bills

As established by He is nurturingfrom 1 April 2023 the electricity bill drops by 55.3% in the protected market. “Well, great news. A long-awaited reduction. Of course, if the Government had not remitted the system charges, the drop would have been even greater, by 61.6% instead of 55.3%. A very bad decision that involves a hidden implicit fee of 90 euros. In short, as has already been done for petrol, they take advantage of the drop in the price on the wholesale markets, due to the second hottest winter ever in Europe, to raise taxes for Italians, not realizing that bills are still anomalous compared to normal times,” he says Mark Vignolahead of the energy sector of the National Consumer Union.

According to the study dell’Uncif for a typical family in guardianship the -55.3% means spending 793 euros less on an annual basis, the savings could have reached 883 euros if the charges. Furthermore, the total expenditure in the next twelve months (not, therefore, according to the rolling year, but from 1 April 2023 to 31 March 2024, assuming constant prices) remains high, 641 euros, which added to the 1210 for gas, determine a total sting of 1852 euros.

Finally, if the price of the luce down by 55.3% compared to the current one and by 42.5% compared to a year ago, i.e. on the second quarter of 2022, compared to pre-crisis times, i.e. in comparison with the period April – June 2021, is even greater than the 14%. Respect, then, to the annual expense of 2020, the last normal year, equal to 485 euros, now you will pay 156 euros more, +32 percent.

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