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Biomedical: Seragnoli and Scagliarini purchase the Mirandola Biopsybell

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Biomedical: Seragnoli and Scagliarini purchase the Mirandola Biopsybell

(Il Sole 24 Ore Radiocor Plus) – Isabella Seragnoli and Massimo Scagliarini of Gvs invest in the biomedical district of Mirandola by acquiring control of Biopsybell, a company that is expanding from disposable kits for biopsy to medical products for minimally invasive surgery in the spinal, diagnostic and assisted reproduction fields. B.Group, which is part of the family office of the Bolognese entrepreneur Isabella Seragnoli, and Wallaby, family office of the owner of Gvs filter systems and masks, are the two reference investors who have taken over 100% of Biopsybell, recognizing a valuation with double-digit multiples with respect to the EBITDA.

2021 turnover of 10 million, operating margin at 30%

Biopsybell, founded in the 90s by Tiziana Bellini, reached nearly 10 million euros in 2021 with a gross operating margin close to 3 million euros. The Bellini family – who was supported by the advisor Sri Group with a team led by Massimo Domini, the Amedei studios and LS Lexjus Sinacta for the legal aspects and Altomonte for the fiscal ones – will completely exit the shareholder base but Carlo Bellini who, already in recent years has held the helm of the company, will remain as CEO with a plan aimed at increasing exposure to the most promising segments (assisted fertilization such as example) but also to grow dimensionally and geographically through international acquisitions: the compass points above all to the United States.

Other entrepreneurial families in the new course

Alongside the Seragnoli and Scagliarini, other entrepreneurial families participated in the investment, albeit with smaller shares: Giancarlo De Martis, the Vitali-Manfroni family and the Domenichini family.

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