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Bisignani in Trento thunders on the government: “Giorgia champions, Urso will go home”

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Bisignani in Trento thunders on the government: “Giorgia champions, Urso will go home”

Bisignani in Trento: “Meloni the usual nerd, Urso vain and Conte a freak show”. And on Pichetto Fratin: “He doesn’t distinguish super from petrol”

Many years after “The powerful in Renzi’s time” (Chiaralettere, 2015), the writer Luigi Bisignani he goes back to the bookstore together with the journalist Paolo Madron with a new editorial effort: “The powerful in the time of Giorgia Meloni”. A book that tries to tell what’s really going on inside the Palaces of Powerthe ongoing fight games to enter the rooms where the fate of the country is decided and to sit at the tables that really count.


Without making discounts to anyone, the two they reveal the background, the plots, the pacts made more or less in the light of the sun to grab the best seats in the ministries, on the boards of directors of the subsidiaries, in the secretariats. The text is an essential map for locating name by name, from Elly Schlein it’s at Marina Berlusconiwho are the surprising winners and who are the furious losers of this war to the death in the first years of theit was Meloni. A woman told from different points of view: from political rise to power relations, from more personal anecdotes to dialogue with the press. An all-round picture that does not fail to authority and irony.

“The powerful at the time of Giorgia”, the latest book by Luigi Bisignami and Paolo Madron

Affaritaliani.it present to Trento Economics Festival was able to preview, from the voice of the authors, some tantalizing backstory.

First of all why choose Giorgia Meloni? “I believe that our grandchildren’s grandchildren will remember three or four key people in the history of this period: certainly From Gasperi, Aldo Moro for what it has represented and for the end it has made, without a doubt Silvio Berlusconibecause he changed his policy and Giorgia Melonifor now only because she is the first woman to become a minister“, she says Bisignani from the Trento stage.

Bisignani at the Trento Festival: “Meloni is a well-prepared nerd but those who revolve around her don’t”

“Meloni, in addition to being the first woman, broke an incredible tradition: she founded a small party that went from 2% to over 30%”, explains the writer. “Giorgia is an incredible phenomenon: a woman who she totally made herself with a thousand difficulties and who manages to emerge in a closed world like that of the Roman Right with incredible tenacity”, continues Bisignani. Not forgetting the tough life she left behind. While the Five-star leader Giuseppe Conte “was a freak show”, says the writer. “And even the former premier Draghi has lost his appeal after not crossing the threshold of the Quirinale”.

But not only. Bisignani then drew a irreverent picture of the present and future of this government. The summit is stable, there is a serious and competent woman in line, however many ministers will soon be killed.Meloni is a nerd, a champion, always prepared (He also did it when he went to Porta a Porta da Vespa), and he does it even today when he goes to the great world congresses. But the government as it stands is not doing well, it has failed to create a team. Palazzo Chigi is still divided, unfortunately it is an infernal machine: either you govern it or you suffer it. Many ministers who were supposed to give an important push are actually on the verge of departure”, says Bisignani from Trento.

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For example, “the ministro del Made in Italy Urso who appears in the newspapers every day but manages to conclude little, and it is very vain: in a meeting of a Supreme Defense Council, there was talk of Ukraine, and at one point in general silence he said ‘today, as often happens to me, I had a very brilliant idea'”. But others are no better off either. Another amusing case is that of the Minister of energy transition: “pichetto he doesn’t even know how to distinguish the super from the diesel”, says Bisignani.

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