Home Business Bitcoin rises to $ 44,000 after US inflation, Ethereum + 8%

Bitcoin rises to $ 44,000 after US inflation, Ethereum + 8%

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Quick reaction of cryptocurrencies to the new surge in US inflation. The bitcon rose within a whisker of $ 44,000 with an increase of over 5% in the last 24 hours (CoinDesk data). The Ethereum does better with + 7.8% at $ 3,360. Over + 7% also for Solana and + 10.5% for Terra.

In December, US inflation marks + 7%, compared to + 6.8% in November. This is the highest level since February 1982. The trend was in line with expectations. Excluding the most volatile components, represented by the prices of food and energy goods, core inflation advanced by 5.5%, compared to the previous + 4.9%.

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