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Blackrock analyst recommends this simple investment

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Blackrock analyst recommends this simple investment

Nicolas Werbach is Director of Portfolio Management at Blackrock. Getty Images/Blackrock

According to Nicolas Werbach from Blackrock, bonds offer attractive interest income and can be a stable investment alternative to stocks.

Bond ETFs offer an easy way to invest in bonds in a diversified manner, especially for young investors, as Werbach tells Business Insider in an interview.

According to the Hamburg consumer advice center, there are certain risks that investors should be aware of.

Bonds are often overshadowed by the stock markets for young investors. But: They offer advantages that should not be overlooked. That’s what Nicolas Werbach, director of portfolio analysis at asset giant Blackrock, thinks.

In an interview with Business Insider, the banker explains why bonds can be an attractive investment alternative. However, as with many asset classes, they are not offered without certain risks.

So is the investment worth it? Here is the answer.

How do bonds work?

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