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BMW 3 Series, with the restyling comes the curved display

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BMW 3 Series, with the restyling comes the curved display

BMW relaunches the 3 Series with important aesthetic and functional innovations for the flagship model for the brand. The model number explained this: in 45 years of presence on the market it has represented over 16 million units produced and sold. The last generation produced in more than a million units, had debuted in 2019, but now the time has come to update it with a series of interventions that have modified all areas of the car. Starting with the revised design but not too much. The new front is characterized by redesigned headlights, grille and bumper with double kidney which has, however, maintained the same proportions as the current model.

17-inch wheels are standard on the new 3 Series

The novelty is the thinner full LED headlights that offer new design daytime running lights, while the Adaptive LEDs with blue elements are optional. The rear bumper has also been revised, integrating the tailpipes which are larger in diameter with the aim of ensuring a sportier impact. 17-inch alloy wheels are planned right from the entry stage. In addition, new colors for the body are introduced, so much so that 150 possible customized variants are envisaged, able to offer numerous possible variables for all versions.

Interior with a dashboard revolutionized by 2 displays

The interiors represent a superior evolution compared to the current version, as they follow the trend of the other recent models of the brand. The dashboard is, in fact, dominated by a single curved display that integrates the 12.3-inch screen of the instrumentation, reconfigurable and the 14.9-inch screen of the infotainment with version 8.0 of the software connected with voice commands, BMW ID functionality, BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant and remote OTA update.

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The BMW EV screen makes its debut on the new 3

The introduction of the curved screen has also made it possible to simplify the central console, where you can see the absence of the automatic gearshift lever, replaced by a slider. In the same area there are also new controls for the iDrive and the Driving Experience Control which manages all driving modes. And they come to the availability of engines that at launch are ten while the only transmission available, the automatic 8-speed Steptronic. For the petrol models there are all four-cylinder turbo units with two liters of displacement: the 318i with 156 hp, the 320i with 184 hp, also available in the xDrive version and the 330i with 245 hp.

The electrified plug-in petrol and mild hybrid diesel

The same goes for the plug-in hybrid units, the 204 hp 320e and the 292 hp 330e, also in the xDrive version. Making a history of its own is the sporty M340i xDrive which offers the six-cylinder three-liter mild hybrid 48V with 374 hp. There are diesel, all mild hybrids, in the four and six-cylinder variants: the 150 hp 318d, the 320d also in the 190 hp xDrive version, the 330d also 286 hp xDrive and the sporty M340d xDrive with 340 hp. All engines are provided for both the 3 Series sedan and also for the Touring, the station wagon variant in the tradition of BMW.

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