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BMW F 900 Gs, grit off-road and on asphalt. And for touring there is the Adventure (or the 800)

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BMW F 900 Gs, grit off-road and on asphalt.  And for touring there is the Adventure (or the 800)

The engine output is modulated but immediately gives satisfaction, especially if you choose the Dynamic map (optional as are the Enduro and Enduro Pro maps) and open the accelerator firmly. The dirty and damp, as well as winding, roads, however, did not allow us to delve into the true response of the 105 horsepower (10 more than the previous 50 cc engine less) for a torque of 93 Nm at 6,750 rpm. According to BMW, performance enjoys “a much fuller torque curve in every regime, greater traction force and quicker acceleration” than in the past.

The BMW F 900 Gs during the dirt test

Mud and gravel proof

Even for someone with little experience like myself, the bike was easy to tame on the dirt road: careful management of the throttle was enough to be able to get me out of some muddy puddles without any worries (it had rained for a few days) and small gravel sections and /or on a slope. The impression is that the suspensions and more generally the chassis of the bike always manage to give a neutral ride if they are not subjected to too much stress.

The “Giessina” is in fact very docile (even in its delivery) if you don’t overdo it, but it’s also ready to kick if you rotate your wrist: it was enough to observe some more astute colleague to understand that this motorbike is able to satisfy even those who are off-road vehicles are used to facing greater difficulties. Of course it is still a 219 kg enduro that cannot be asked to behave like a cross bike, but BMW seems to have succeeded in what it perhaps does best with two wheels, namely giving it balance and ease of use in every condition.

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F 900 Gs Adventure, the most suitable for travel

A quality that certainly must also be recognized in the F 900 Gs Adventure. We haven’t tried it off-road, but it certainly knows how to handle dirt roads too. However, his job is different: that of accompanying motorcyclists, perhaps in pairs, on journeys with long transfers, in full GS spirit (the one in the boxer version, of which the expected 1,300 arrived a few months ago).

The BMW F 900 Gs Adventure during the asphalt test

First of all, the Adventure has a much larger tank (23 litres) and lateral protective appendages. Overall lines that wink at the Gs 1250, also thanks to the asymmetrical headlight. More significant weight (246 kg) and bulk, and a set-up that seemed softer to us (the comfort saddle is standard), mean that the bike is more peaceful, a little less fast in changes of direction, even if it is capable of bringing out the grit when driving decisively, especially in Dynamic mode.

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