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Boating boating drives the yacht transport business on container ships

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Boating boating drives the yacht transport business on container ships

The good performance of the nautical sector also drives the transport of yachts on container ships, in particular for exports. This is a niche sector but which represents high quality work, on which the two Genoese container terminals of Psa Italy have specialized in Liguria, home to the most famous shipyards: that of Pra ‘and the Sech of Sampierdarena .

«In 2021 – explains Roberto Ferrari, CEO of the Italian division of Psa – 42 yachts were handled by Psa in the port of Lanterna, 85.7% in exports and 14.3% in imports. But the trend is growing; in fact, in August 2022, the large boats moved to the two terminals were already 32, compared to 19 August last year, with a percentage of 63.8% in exports and 36.12% in imports. The main flows travel from Italy to the USA and the Far East, even if, as can be seen, in 2022 there was an increase in imports: it is often, in this case, an unfinished product, which is then worked in Italy. The yachts transported are between 20 and 25 meters long and between 40 and 50 tons: the larger ones, it is more convenient to let them sail than to load them. In 2022, so far, the largest boats handled have been one of 21.49 meters in Pra ‘and one of 23.64 meters in the Sech ».

Shipyards therefore prefer to have yachts loaded within 25 meters on container ships, for transport, which is thus safer. The loading and unloading operations of these boats, however, are far from simple. «The handling of yachts – continues Ferrari – is obviously not ours core business but because, in addition to containers, we have also been loading goods on ships for many years break bulk (i.e. conventional, ndr), we have trained the teams already specialized in that sector on the handling of yachts. We have three people with specific skills in Sech and three in Pra ‘. As well as teams in the ports of destination of the boats. To these are added the operating personnel normally. To lay a yacht, which takes up a space of 10-12 20-foot containers, you also need a ship on a ship equipment ad hoc, which allows you to secure the load safely and without damage. This operation is carried out under the supervision of a site expert ».

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