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Boeing fires managers responsible for 737 Max 9 disaster

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Boeing fires managers responsible for 737 Max 9 disaster

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Boeing fires the managers involved in the 737Max 9 scandal. The top management of the factory that built the plane involved in the door explosion is leaving the US aerospace giant in the middle of the production and image chaos into which the group has fallen and a broader change in leadership.

The new top of the factory

Boeing announced that Ed Clark, vice president for the 737 program and general manager of the company’s factory in Renton, Wash., will be replaced by Katie Ringgold, who oversees 737 deliveries to customers. A measure that could allow the group to begin to stem the enormous damage to its image caused by the accident at Alaska Airlines: videos in which terrified passengers were traveling at an altitude of 5,000 meters without a side door on the fuselage. Accident which only due to a fortuitous event did not end with any casualties among the passengers.

Clark, who spent nearly 18 years at Boeing, is only the first action on the group’s management. The manager also took over the reins of the Renton plant in 2021 as the company worked to recover from a pair of fatal MAX crashes in 2018 and 2019.

The next moves

Air giant Boeing is creating a new position to oversee quality control at Boeing’s commercial aircraft unit. Elizabeth Lund, a senior vice president at Boeing, will fill that role. The reorganization was announced in an email from Stan Deal, head of Boeing’s commercial aircraft unit, to employees. For now, Wall Street is watching. Whether the changes succeed in restoring order and above all orders in Boing’s production lines will be seen in the coming months

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