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BOE’s entry into the meta universe is not only VR/AR_domain

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Original title: BOE’s entry into the meta universe is not only VR/AR

In 2021, “Meta Universe” is on fire. Dayang Bian Facebook announced that it was renamed Meta, determined to transform into Meta Universe, and Luo Yonghao, who had just paid off its debts, also stated that “the next entrepreneurial project will be a Meta Universe company.” There is also a meta-universe upsurge in the capital market, with many concept stocks showing a surge. Suddenly, the unknown and the expectation coexist, but there is no doubt that the metaverse has become a new field where science, technology, academia, capital and other circles jointly explore and compete.

Metaverse: The next stage of the Internet?

Speaking of meta-universe, most people only know it but don’t know why. Back in 1992, the concept of meta-universe was first proposed. The famous American science fiction master Neil Stephenson described the meta-universe in his novel “Avalanche”: “Put on headphones and eyepieces, find the connection terminal, and you can enter the virtual reality parallel to the real world by means of virtual clones. space.”

From this passage, we probably understand the prototype of the meta-universe concept. In order to better understand the meta-universe, we might as well decompose it. First of all, we need to figure out what the meta universe is? In the current vision, Metaverse is a digital virtual space parallel to the real world. A stable and safe economic operation system is established through various technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. People have one or more in this digital world. Virtual identity, and can freely call massive resources to carry out social, work and other creative activities. With the continuous maturity of technologies such as 5G, digital twins, brain-computer interfaces, etc., Metaverse is very likely to become the next form of Internet development, with huge room for imagination and growth potential. In the future, people will create in this virtual digital world. The value will even exceed the real world.

So how can we enter the meta universe? To achieve a seamless connection between the meta-universe and the real world, a “spaceship” is needed, that is, to find a “medium” and “touch point” that connects virtual and reality, and carry out multiple identities in reality and digital space. Switch and enter a “different world” with a magnificent perspective. Under the current 5G commercial background, the construction of high-speed transmission networks is becoming popular. VR/AR, with its immersive panoramic experience, coupled with the strong support of sensing and Internet of Things technology, is the most important entry into the meta-universe under the current technical conditions. Good “entrance”.

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Deeply cultivating VR/AR, BOE promotes the meta-universe from concept to reality

It is reported that 83% of human information interaction relies on vision, 11% relies on hearing, and only 6% of other interaction channels. That is to say, port devices closely related to audiovisual and tactile sensation are the “first touch point” of information interaction and information carrying “Transportation Hub”. As the world’s leading Internet of Things innovative company, BOE has a unique advantage in the field of port devices with its strong technical reserves and industrial resources in the display, sensing, and Internet of Things fields, and this has also become a part of BOE’s VR/AR deployment. Ace.

As of the first half of 2021, BOE has accumulatively used more than 70,000 patents, covering display, sensing, artificial intelligence, Internet of Things and other fields, and has been among the top ten in the world patent rankings for many consecutive years. In the VR/AR-related fields, BOE has applied for nearly a hundred core technology patents, covering semiconductor technology, OLED device structure, pixel drive design, micro-nano optics, optical complete machines, and so on. Not long ago, at the 2021 World VR Industry Conference Cloud Summit held in Nanchang, BOE ranked among the TOP5 of China’s top 50 VR companies, demonstrating its strong strength in the VR/AR field.

Technical reserve is only a prerequisite. In the development process of the first generations of Metaverse, BOE has already taken a position early with its keen sense of smell and sense of innovation. As early as 2012, BOE began its investment layout in the VR/AR field. In China, the 5.5th generation BOE Erdos production line with a total investment of 22 billion is delivering a large number of technical products applied in the wearable field such as VR/AR to the market. BOE has also invested nearly RMB 5 billion in key projects such as OLED microdisplay device production lines (8 inches) and 12-inch silicon-based OLEDs in Kunming, Yunnan. Silicon-based OLED products can be widely used in near-eye display fields such as VR/AR and FPV (first viewing angle). Related technical products not only fill the gaps in the domestic civil micro-display device industry, but will further strengthen its VR/AR technology reserves and industry Resources firmly occupy a favorable position in the application competition of the first generation of Metaverse.

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At present, BOE has contacted and cooperated with 119 brand customers around the world, and many domestic and international well-known brands have adopted BOE products to release new VR/AR models. In the field of forward-looking applications, many world-renowned head brands also use BOE technology products for R&D and testing when developing their next-generation virtual reality products. Not only that, BOE has also taken the lead in launching the industry’s highest 5644ppi, ultra-high resolution, 120+Hz high refresh rate silicon-based OLED and other products. With excellent image quality performance, high refresh rate, fast response and other advantages, it brings fine and smooth, The ultimate immersive virtual world experience is widely used in many fields such as audio-visual, games, education, real estate, tourism, etc., and constantly promotes the meta-universe from concept to reality.

Not only VR/AR, but the insights behind the metaverse are BOE technology’s intentions

From the explosion of the meta-universe concept to the lively VR/AR track, this new, future-oriented field has entered the public’s cognitive vision. However, to truly welcome the arrival of the meta-universe, we need to go from the industrial environment to the application. Comprehensive digital transformation of the scene. Compared with the speculators who are eager for the meta-universe trend, BOE’s VR/AR layout obviously has a deeper logic behind it.

As early as many years ago, BOE had forward-looking insights that the displays that accounted for 83% of human information portals will spread throughout life and everywhere, and from 0 to 1, lead China’s display industry to break through the blockades and move to the top of the world. BOE is also based on this. Sit firmly on the top spot of the global display. The overall leadership in the field of information portals is only the first stage of BOE’s business layout. Under the current background of a new round of technology and industrial revolution led by cutting-edge technologies, BOE will combine its strong advantages in the display and sensing fields with 5G, The in-depth integration of new-generation information technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing extends the reach of science and technology to various fields of human life such as finance, retail, transportation, and medical care, and continuously promotes the comprehensive digital upgrade of various application scenarios in the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain And intelligent transformation, to pave a huge and solid industrial base for the meta-universe world like a castle in the sky.

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Whether it is display, the Internet of Things, or the VR/AR that is now illuminated by the meta-universe highlights, behind BOE’s expanding business landscape, there is an unchanging underlying logic, which is to integrate technology into life, change life, and bring more A wonderful life experience. This is the original intention of BOE for entrepreneurship and the value of its continuous development.

Today, one screen of every four smart display terminals in the world comes from BOE. People frequently see BOE at major historic moments such as the celebration of the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China and the world’s first CCTV Spring Festival Gala 8K ultra-high-definition live broadcast. Behind the smart retail services of more than 20,000 stores worldwide, smart financial services of more than 2,000 bank outlets across the country, smart transportation services of more than 80% of the country’s high-speed rail lines and 22 urban subway lines, and smart medical services of many digital hospitals across the country, People have seen more and more clearly the ideals and missions behind BOE’s continuous development of “changing lives with heart”, the warmth and profound humanistic thinking behind a technology company’s business progress and technological innovation, and a greater relationship with the meta-universe. Coming closer, a better digital life at your fingertips.

The wind will eventually pass, but the determination and courage of mankind to continuously search for the unknown, and the unremitting pursuit and efforts for a better life will never stop. In the meta-universe world where the unknown and the expectation coexist, in the wave of constant change, constant evolution, and constant advancement, perhaps we need to maintain a little constant persistence, let business return to the essence, and let innovation pay more attention to the practical needs of human life , Maybe we can see the promised land of digitalization at the next corner of technological progress.Return to Sohu to see more


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