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Bologna, all with Kiev, but in words. ‘Not even a place to pay the rent’

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Bologna, all with Kiev, but in words.  ‘Not even a place to pay the rent’

“We need to support the Ukrainian people” but in words. They send humanitarian aid. The case of the Ukrainian museum in Bologna … and Mayor Lepore on alternating current while he builds peace in the world

“We need to support the Ukrainian people,” explained the newly elected secretary of the Pd Elly Schlein. By force. If he had repeated what he said a moment earlier, “peace in Ukraine cannot be made with weapons, it is wrong to increase military spending”, in the Democratic Party there would have been 25 splits, 8 name changes, 15 current leaders arguing with each other, an appeal to Romano Prodi to take the field and also to Gargamel, with the distinctions of each “baton boss” who wants to continue to lead the party but that it is a two-digit party. Well done Elly, who took her first steps in Bologna, but also good Bonaccini when he said: “Support for the Ukrainian resistance”.

All the leaders of the Democratic Party support the Ukrainians, cheers! The mayor of Bologna Matteo Leporehas even signed the appeal of the first European citizens to their governments, to immediately stop the purchase of Russian fuel and any commercial exchange with Fly. Come on Ukraine! And then peace marches everywhere with the tortellini mayor haranguing: “Europe is not born yet if we are not able to stop this war, this invasion!”. Bravo Lepore: Come on Ukraine!

Great projects, immense bare-chested resolutions against the injustices of the oppressors resolved with a laugh by the Ukrainian community of Bologna. “They are unable to give us free recognition and charge us rent,” Oksana explains, “and they think they can stop the war?”. While we talk on the phone Oksana is preparing parcels to be sent to Kiev. Poor Oksana doesn’t know that the Italian politician is a champion of words.

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The Ukrainian community of Bologna has been an association for 14 years, based in the home of one of the organizers and for years it has been tossed from one place to another in the capital of Emilia. They don’t get involved in politics, they don’t want to hear about war, “that’s a matter for politicians” (Ukrainians with Russian culture also participate in the center’s initiatives), Oksana always says that she is not a regular visitor to the initiatives but is well informed about the story and about the humanitarian aid that the association sends home.

For some time now, the community has created the first Ukrainian museum in Italy which is twinned with i 28 around the world. They have about 2000 pieces including books, ceramics, artefacts, embroideries, works of arttraditional clothes, representations that explain the particularities of their culture and would like recognition from the Municipality in order to be able to have a seat, pay a rent and contribute to humanly helping those in Kiev who are under the bombs. A way to keep the origins alive in those who live far from their roots. Approximately reside in Bologna 6700 Ukrainians, with 22,065 refugees arriving in Emilia-Romagna since the beginning of the war. There are many, perhaps too many, to the point of turning up their noses in those of the circles close to the Bologna Democratic Party who have temporarily granted them a place to meet.

In September, the Embassy of the Ukrainian Republic in Italy even intervened and officially requested “the recognition of the ‘Ukraine’ museum as a cultural asset of the Municipality of Bologna”. too much grace, free legal aid and a place where you can pay the rent would be enough. So as much as they have done their utmost in every kind of reminder, no answers come from Mayor Lepore. Perhaps he is too busy building world peace.

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“Everyone expresses support for the Ukrainian population in words”, explains to Affaritaliani the senator and provincial secretary of Action Marco Lombardo, “but then when it comes to supporting the activities of an association that is engaged in getting humanitarian aid to Ukraine it is difficult to pass from words to deeds”. And he adds: “Since we often talk about the issue of partisans, if there are any partisans in Europe right now, it’s the Ukrainians who are fighting the Russian invasion. I really don’t know the reasons for this situation.”

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