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Bonomi: inflation is worrying, the recovery is already at risk

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PESARO. “Inflation is very worrying, it is reaching dangerous levels” and “the recovery that is a rebound, not a growth, is already at risk: we have external components such as raw materials, raw material costs, when we find them, and energy costs “. This is the worrying photograph taken by the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi, on the sidelines of the assembly of Confindustria Pesaro Urbino. “So even the increase in the possible cost of labor – he warned – would put us in serious difficulty on the recovery”. And then: “Inflation is reaching dangerous levels, this means a very important rise in prices”.

The pandemic has returned to bite strongly, Bonomi says he does not want to replace the insiders when it comes to the reinforced Green Pass: «Lockdown for unvaccinated? I am not a technician, there are those in charge of making this assessment based on the data of the infections. It is up to them to decide the way. The data show that there is a resurgence of the virus especially in the countries of Northern Europe and obviously we must make a very serious reflection on this ». As for Confindustria, «our position was very clear from the beginning, we were obliged to vaccinate, then we took note that the policy unfortunately did not find a synthesis on a difficult measure to introduce. We argued that the Green Pass was the only tool we had to secure not businesses, but communities ».

Po, responding to the journalists ‘questions about the unions’ requests for the maneuver: “We are happy that the unions think like Confindustria, we have been saying for months that we must cut the contribution wedge, the tax wedge in favor of employees, to put them more money in your pocket, because the Italians deserve it, as President Mattarella said, 9 out of 10 Italians had great attention and civic sense. Few of the 8 billion dedicated to tax cuts are needed. Above all – he added – perhaps we will also be able to stimulate domestic demand, because if it is true that perhaps this year we will make the export record, 500 billion, domestic demand has been at a standstill for a long time and we need to stimulate it ».

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