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Bonus 200 euros: here is who will take it already in July and who will have to return it instead

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Bonus 200 euros: here is who will take it already in July and who will have to return it instead

About to arrive the 200 euro bonus. The income support measure decided by the government to help families, struggling with inflation and expensive energy, it will be paid in July to pensioners, citizenship income earners and employees.

Some categories, on the other hand, will have to wait until October, such as co.co.co, temporary and intermittent seasonal workers, fixed-term workers in the agricultural sector, pension fund members, employees in the entertainment sector with 50 daily contributions in the 2021, the occasional self-employed without VAT number, the persons in charge of home sales, the domestic workers insured with the Inps management. For each category, maximum income of 35 thousand gross per year: above this limit it will not be possible to have access to the 200 euro bonus.

Who should return it
In the circular number 73 issued on June 24 last year on the bonus, INPS has however clarified that “provision is made for the provision of such one-off indemnities on a provisional basis and that the consolidation of the right to have them recognized is only implemented after the ‘acquisition of income information and the consequent processing activities aimed at the related checks ».

This means that the bonus, if provisionally disbursed in the absence of the requirements established by the legislation, must then be returned. In the circular, INPS specified that paragraph 5 of article 32 of decree-law no. 50/2022, which governs the measure, provides that “the disbursing body verifies the income situation and, in the event of excess sums paid, notifies the undue payment within the year following that of acquisition of the income information”.

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How do you get it

To submit the application and obtain the 200 euro bonus, just enter the INPS website and from the homepage click on «Performance and services». Once entered, you will have to select the category you belong to and, from there, you will also be able to check the status of payments. Alternatively, it is possible to call (for a fee) the multichannel Contact Center at the toll-free number 803.164 from the landline or 06.164.164 or go to the patronage institutes.

Another of the innovations introduced by the circular concerns the 0.8% contribution exemption. While the aid decree established that, to receive the incentive, the employee should have received the contribution exemption in the first quarter of 2022, the INPS text extends the period of time from January 1st to June 23rd (until the day before the issue of the circular).

Other requirements
The other requirements for obtaining the 200 euro bonus, please note, are to be resident in Italy, to be the holder of an employment contract or at least one compulsory social security pension (from 30 June 2022) and to have an income or contributions of less than 35 thousand euros gross. In summary: employees, retirees (with treatment effective by June 2022) or with social or disability allowance and DRC recipients will receive it in July. While domestic workers (domestic workers, carers, babysitters) have until September 30 to submit the application, to receive it in October. All other categories (intermittent seasonal workers, co.co.co, entertainment workers, occasional self-employed people without VAT and door-to-door sellers).

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