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Bonus 200 euros: this is what retirees need to know

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Bonus 200 euros: this is what retirees need to know

There is a large number of beneficiaries of the € 200 bonus, the bonus that aims to help families fight the effects of inflation. Among those entitled to this compensation there are also pensioners. What to know?

The income threshold

It is important to know that there is a ceiling on income, beyond which you are not entitled to the bonus. As defined by INPS, paragraph 1 of article 32 of decree-law no. 50/2022 provides that the one-off indemnity of 200 euros is recognized ex officio with the monthly payment of July 2022 in favor of subjects “resident in Italy, holders of one or more pension benefits from any form of compulsory social security, pension o social allowance, pension or allowance for civil invalids, blind and deaf and dumb, as well as accompanying treatments to retirement, with effect by 30 June 2022 and personal income subject to Irpef, net of social security and welfare contributions, not higher for the ‘year 2021 at 35,000 euros “.

Severance payments, however denominated, are excluded from the calculation of personal income.

The residency requirement

The indemnitỳ is paid exclusively to individuals who are resident in Italy on 1 July 2022. For residency in Italy, therefore, the first day of this month is valid. The Institute automatically provides for the disbursement of the benefit without the need for the recipients of the regulation to submit any request.

The disbursement

For pensioners, the € 200 bonus is paid directly to the pension slip, as an increase. As established by the INPS, “if the subjects referred to in this point are exclusively holders of treatments not managed by the INPS, the disbursement will be arranged by the social security institution that is paying the pension”.

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Between wife and husband

The bonus has limits calculated on personal income. If each retiree (or worker) meets all the requisites, he will receive his own 200 euro bonus.

How many times will it be dispensed

For now, the 200 euro bonus is one-off and therefore is paid only once. However, it seems that the government intends to renew the anti-inflation subsidy which could therefore also be paid in August.

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