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Boom in subscribers and more optimism for the return of Mecspe

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Two thousand and twenty-four, close to the numbers of two years ago. A first success, for the Bolognese debut of Mecspe is already achieved. With the 19th edition of the review on innovative technologies, previously hosted by Parma, to make the “full” of exhibitors framing the pre-Covid levels.

Growth in exhibitors following the gradual change in moods on the market, also visible in the survey carried out among companies, 619 mechanical companies.

If at the end of 2020 just over one in two companies said they were satisfied with the business trend, this share has now risen to 74%, with a “low” level of satisfaction present for only four out of 100 companies.

More than half of the sample now has a high level of confidence in the economy and in the sector, up sharply compared to the previous survey. 75% believe their order backlog is adequate (from 63% previously), while three out of four companies foresee a market in progress in the next three years.

The most reassuring aspect, however, concerns growth. If at the beginning of the year, just over 40% of the sample was forecasting increasing 2021 revenues, today the positive forecasts on sales are shared by three out of four companies.

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