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Bper Banca still revved up in Piazza Affari: + 28% in the last three weeks

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In Piazza Affari, Bper Banca jumped by 2.25%, thus finding itself among the top session performers of the Ftse Mib. In the last three weeks of trading, the stock has made a gain of over 28% (since the session of 25 July), with an acceleration in the last few sessions thanks to the support of the half-yearly accounts presented by the company on Wednesday 4 August with markets closed. The bank led by Montani closed the first half of 2022 with a general improvement in all the main income statement items and credit quality. In particular, Bper Banca achieved a half-year net profit of 1.38 billion euros, a result well above the estimates and higher than the 501.81 million euros recorded in the same period of 2021, and this increase is also reflected in the prices.

Meanwhile, the decision of the Court of Genoa is also under the lens, which has reserved the right to decide, in fact, merely taking note, on the application presented by Malacalza Investimenti, shareholder of Carige, controlled by Bper Banca since 3 June. In detail, Malacalza Investimenti challenged the resolutions of the shareholders’ meeting of Carige in mid-June, relating to the appointment of the new Bper board of directors and the waiver of the liability action against the former top management. We remind you that at the moment Carige’s board of directors has not yet approved the results for the second quarter.

Lastly, yesterday’s announcement by Moody’s that yesterday cut the outlook of 14 Italian banks including that of Bper Banca. In particular, the analysts of the rating agency have taken the outlook from “stable” to “negative”, confirming however the credit rating of the bank. It should be noted that yesterday’s decision is attributable to the cut in the outlook, made on 5 August, on Italy’s sovereign debt.

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