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Bper completes past additions and prepares the ground for Carige’s bankers

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Bper completes past additions and prepares the ground for Carige’s bankers

Bper completes the regulatory integration process of Intesa, Ubi, Ubis and Unipol Banca banks. With the agreements signed with the trade unions, in addition to harmonization, the group looks to young people and to issues of work-life balance and flexibility.

The work-life balance

On the merits, according to a note from Fabi, the agreements revise the meal vouchers, with increased amounts for part-time workers, guaranteeing the positions for the business center and the contact center. The institutions present in the various supplementary company contracts of origin are maintained. A note from the bank explains that with the agreements a lot of attention has been paid to the work-life balance of employees, defining the possibilities of flexibility of working hours, as well as a package of permits to address specific needs of private life, recognizing them for the first time also aimed at same-parent couples. There are also measures to encourage the study of children and, in specific cases, recognizing contributions to the employee.

The youth package

From the bank, they enhance the package of rules aimed at young people who will enter in the coming years, in support of the process of important generational change begun with the previous business plan and also envisaged by the new one which concerns the period 2022-2025. Giuseppe Corni, chief human resource officer, says he is «satisfied with this agreement, signed at the end of an articulated and constructive discussion with the trade unions, confirming the long tradition of positive relations that characterizes our banking group. The agreement reached enhances the skills of the resources who will join BPER and will allow the achievement of important objectives set out in the 2022-2025 Business Plan, focusing on human resources as an essential key for the success of each initiative “.

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Preparing the ground for the integration of Carige

While the group is preparing to complete the Carige operation for which, as the CEO Piero Luigi Montani recently explained, the horizon is 2022, the union agreements for the regulatory integration of bankers from the various groups create “the conditions to calmly face the path of the 2022-25 industrial plan, starting with welcoming new colleagues from the Carige group ”, explains Antonella Sboro, Bper’s Fabi coordinator. In addition, the agreements have also confirmed the criteria for the performance bonus which, Sboro emphasizes, “for all workers is confirmed at the highest levels of the system”.

The 8,500 admissions and the strengthening of the It

During the last national council of Fabi, Montani had explained that now for the group it is time to think about the merger of Carige which must be carried out within the year and then the integration into the group. “We are bringing in 8,500 people and we are strengthening IT where we will reach more than 600 people: in the sector the scenario of the digitalization of services, like it or not, is the future”, recalled the manager. Then, however, as the general secretary of Fabi, Lando Maria Sileoni, and Antonella Sboro reminded him, there is the new 2022-2025 plan with 600 branch closures and 3,300 departures, offset by 1,450 hires which, according to Sboro, ” technicians”. Montani however assured that everything will be managed with the trade unions because «in its tradition the bank has never made itself unavailable to confrontation. There are 3 years to make it happen ». A tradition also confirmed by the latest agreements on the regulatory integration of Intesa, Ubi, Ubis and Unipol Banca banks.

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