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Breakfast in Italy is a “sacred” ritual: turnover worth 8 billion

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Breakfast in Italy is a “sacred” ritual: turnover worth 8 billion

Breakfast in Italy, a “sacred” ritual worth 8 billion euros: 70% of Italians cannot do without it

Beyond 8 billion of Euro. That’s what the breakfast market in Italyaccording to research Nielsen “The breakfast of Italians” for Mulino Bianco, historic brand that has been accompanying the first meal of the day for over 45 years with its wide range of proposals, over 130 references, ranging from biscuits to snacks, up to bread. But that is not all. The investigation shows that the 70% of those interviewed always eat breakfast, and when they skip it, the reasons can be traced back to: lack of appetite (42%), time (39%) or habit (28%), above all among young people from 11 to 19 years old.

A sector, therefore, which performs well and which is mainly driven by the confectionery sector (46%): from biscuits to brioches, through spreadable creams, jams, honey and yoghurt. Then follow the drinks (40%) with milk, vegetable drinks, coffee, tea, infusions, herbal teas, fruit juices, the fruit (8%) – fresh, dried, dehydrated, purees – and the savory (6%) which includes products such as fresh and packaged bread, cold cuts, cheeses, eggs. Speaking of product categories, however, Italians prefer the latte (1.6 billion euros), the coffee (894 million euros), i packaged biscuits (829 million euros), lo yogurt (834 million euros), le packaged snacks (593 million euros), the fresh fruit (479 million euros), i cereals from breakfast (345 million euros), le jams (254 million euros) and the biscuits (225 million euros).

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