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Brindisi, 120 million investment for Edison’s LNG deposit

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Brindisi, 120 million investment for Edison’s LNG deposit

The yes of the regional council to the Edison LNG depot inside the port of Brindisi kicks off the largest investment in Brindisi in the last 15 years, after the ex-Sfir one (sugar processing) for over 100 million euros, made in Messapian capital after the dismantling of the Foggia plants in Borgo Incoronata. For Edison’s liquefied natural gas deposit – a vertical tank at atmospheric pressure with a capacity of 19,500 cubic meters – “at full capacity, almost 120 million euros”, estimates the director of Confindustria Brindisi, Angelo Guarini.

It is a totally private investment and constitutes, explains the president of Confindustria Brindisi, Gabriele Menotti Lippolis “an important step in the path of decarbonization of transport in line with the objectives of the energy transition”. The coastal depot project, to be built near the Morena Est access gate, provides for the infrastructure to manage three main operations: the procurement of LNG by small ship from a regasification terminal; the storage in the coastal depot and the sale of fuel for heavy transport through distribution, by land, with tankers or refueling ships through a bunker vessel.

The estimated duration for the completion of the works is approximately 36 months. The go-ahead of the regional council to the agreement for the release by the Ministry of Ecological Transition of the authorization for the construction and operation of the coastal storage depot at the entrance to the “Middle Port”, however, suffers the opposition of the municipality of Brindisi that threatens appeals, and also marks the breakdown of a position between the local authority and the region, almost always aligned on new investments in energy structures or infrastructures.

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A position, that of the mayor of Brindisi, Riccardo Rossi, which the president of the first regional commission, Fabiano Amati, defines as “no to everything and degrowth, with a political and technical conduct, both from the Municipality and from the Province of Brindisi, aimed at disguise, under improbable opinions, an ideological framework that is highly functional to the “no-to-everything” and in fact centered on the maintenance of pollution in the city of Brindisi ».

On this point, the president of Confindustria Brindisi also makes a less explicit reference when he underlines that his organization “has worked for years for this result, sometimes also finding itself facing, in the interest of the territory, moments of irrationality of some territorial actors. After decades we will have a new settlement in Brindisi with a totally private investment ».

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