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Build a “multi-link, full-field” user purchase model, and fully upgrade the JD mobile phone service-oriented consumer supply chain_Demand_Channel_Industry

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Build a “multi-link, full-field” user purchase model, and fully upgrade the JD mobile phone service-oriented consumer supply chain_Demand_Channel_Industry

Original title: Building a “multi-link, full-field” user purchase model, JD.com’s mobile phone service-based consumer supply chain has been fully upgraded

On August 16, JD Mobile’s “service-oriented consumer supply chain” strategic upgrade conference was held in Beijing, bringing together industry institutions such as BCI, mobile phone brand manufacturers, operators, Aihuishou, and core merchants in the omni-channel field.

The purpose of this conference is to meet the changes in users’ purchase needs and improve the ultimate purchase experience of users. In order to create a new pattern of mobile phone service consumption, open up new paths for cooperation and co-construction, build a multi-end and multi-scenario one-stop shopping service system, provide more consumers with high-quality products and services, and continue to promote the high-quality development of the mobile phone industry. .

Give full play to the advantages of supply chain services and create a “multi-link, full-field” user purchase experience

Under the trend of continuous diversification and personalization of user needs, the driving factors of consumption are mainly divided into two parts: sensibility and rationality. Rationality is product-driven and dominated by brand manufacturers; sensibility is demand-driven, focusing on the ultimate purchase experience. . Therefore, JD.com, together with mobile phone brands, upstream and downstream supply chains, and operator partners, pursues the optimization of cost and efficiency on the premise of upgrading the ultimate experience, and relies on the “responsible supply chain” to give full play to the unique advantages of the mobile phone service system and adapt to the User purchase requirements, layout and provision of all core service products involved in the user’s complete purchase link, including but not limited to fresh tasting “30-day worry-free trial” service, allowing online users to experience the new phone without going out, If you are not satisfied, you can return it directly until you are satisfied; as well as a more green trade-in service that properly handles the old phone, reduces replacement costs and is more environmentally friendly; there is also an unlimited broken screen saver service that solves the problem of after-sale mobile phone broken screens, as well as lists, shopping guides, hourly purchases, More than 40 basic services and value-added services, such as only replacement and no repair within 180 days. In addition, JD.com also cooperated with its operator partners to launch a light contract business, allowing users to more easily obtain purchase subsidies, simplifying the purchase process, and providing more diverse and flexible consumption methods.

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Pan Haifan, Vice President of JD.com Group and President of JD.com’s Communication Division, said: “Users’ needs become more diverse as the environment changes. We can’t just define a simple definition, but need to continuously evolve according to actual needs. From the most basic price demand, From personalized needs to service-oriented needs, these are the things we should focus on and satisfy our users.”

Deepen the advantages of omni-channel layout and accelerate the high-quality evolution of mobile instant retail

Of course, it is not the best solution to work hard only on the user purchase process. The changing user needs prompt the changing purchase scenarios, which also puts forward new requirements for the mobile phone industry. Therefore, at this strategic upgrade conference, JD.com also joined hands with omni-channel partners, relying on the “responsible supply chain”, and guided by user thinking and merchant needs, to build a new consumption pattern of omni-channel integration, and continue to Use digital and intelligent technology to connect and optimize various supply chain links such as social production, circulation, consumption, and services, help the integration of digital and real supply chains, reduce social costs, and improve social efficiency, so as to not only serve the industry, but also allow the majority of users. Realize a borderless consumer experience. The integration of chain and network is the best practice and future development direction of the industry for JD.com as a new entity enterprise. JD.com’s chain network integration includes ‘responsible supply chain’ and ‘web weaving plan’. Through the deep integration of cargo network, warehouse network, and cloud network, it realizes ‘three nets’, ensures the stability and reliability of the supply chain, and helps The real economy developed steadily and with high quality.

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Taking JD Home as an example, as an important part of the omni-channel strategy, JD Home has become a scene integration link between online and offline channels in the mobile phone industry, changing the traditional single-brand franchise store model and achieving higher coverage of mobile phone brands. , the user has a wider choice. In addition, JD.com’s “Hourly Purchase” service under the instant retail model also allows users to enjoy the consumption experience of “new phones available immediately”. Today, JD.com’s “Hourly Shopping” has covered more than 410 cities and 20,000+ stores. Users can receive new phones within 1 hour of placing an order, which greatly improves the digitalization and fulfillment capabilities of mobile phone stores. Meet the entire field of purchasing needs.

After this strategic upgrade conference, JD.com will continue to provide consumers with a high-quality purchase experience of products and services with a “responsible supply chain” with its solid supply chain infrastructure and leading digital intelligence technology. The omni-channel layout opens up more incremental space for brand partners, and deeply links physical retailers to help the high-quality development of the real economy; at the same time, through various green consumer service initiatives, it promotes the deepening evolution of the supply chain to the value chain and takes on the role of a new type of entity Corporate Responsibility.Return to Sohu, see more


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