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Building a 5G Ecosystem and Promoting Common Profit

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Building a 5G Ecosystem and Promoting Common Profit

Building a 5G Ecosystem and Promoting Common Profit

August 10, 2022 08:43:57

Source: Heilongjiang Daily

Author: Sun Mingyang

5G + smart agriculture.Photo by trainee reporter Zhang Chunlei

□ Our reporter Sun Mingyang

The 2022 World 5G Conference is about to unveil its mysterious veil under the spotlight – a boutique exhibition area of ​​”observable, sensible, and experienceable” is just around the corner. The exhibition will include three major themes of “5G New Technology“, “5G Hard Power” and “5G Strong Empowerment”, and will also set up two special zones of “Innovative Application Zone” and “Longjiang Digital Economy Exhibition Zone”. A number of well-known domestic enterprises such as Huawei, ZTE, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, China Tower, and China Radio and Television will gather in Heilongjiang to demonstrate their core strength. On the afternoon of the 9th, the 2022 World 5G Conference held a media camp activity. Let’s follow the footsteps of reporters and go to Hall A of the International Convention and Exhibition Center for a sneak peek!

A dazzling array of new technologies

Immersive VR glasses, wristband trackers, the world‘s first holographic entertainment metaverse platform… In the HTC exhibition area, various new fusion technologies represented by 5G are very eye-catching.

“In the Metaverse Life Exhibition Area, you can customize your avatar and enter the virtual scene. We will also regularly launch online exhibitions.” said Wang Bei, product director of HTC VIVE, not only in the Metaverse field, but also in education and training. , online conference, industry and other different application scenarios.

In the training area, the on-site staff wore VR glasses to simulate the firefighting scene after the liquefaction tank caught fire. “This training is mainly used in the field of industrial safety, avoiding the danger of practical training.” Wang Bei said.

Old brands are chasing new fields, allowing people to see the charm of 5G. Compared with HTC, Aiwell Technology Co., Ltd. is a young company. Although young, it has been deeply involved in the industry for many years.

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Under the tuyere of Metaverse, Aiwell took advantage of the characteristics of agricultural resources in Heilongjiang to design a digital creative product of Metaverse agriculture, allowing users to experience the fun of growing vegetables and stealing vegetables in the virtual Metaverse farm, and in the immersive experience of farming At the same time, it can also conduct virtual social and entertainment interactions. “Aiwell will further integrate with farms and e-commerce in the future to realize an innovative marketing model of growing vegetables online and harvesting offline, empowering agriculture in Heilongjiang,” said Xiang Zheng, founder of Aiwell.

Hard power is amazing

Behind the zero accident of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics is the Winter Olympics Safety Operation Center established by Qi Anxin Group from 0 to 1 in more than 800 days. The hard power of achieving “zero accident” should not be underestimated.

On the main screen of Qi Anxin’s exhibition hall, the overall layout of the Winter Olympics security monitoring work is presented, covering the overall and network security status of 17 important venues. Chen Lei, technical director of the three northeastern provinces of Qi Anxin Group, introduced that the main area of ​​the big screen shows the distribution of important venues in the three competition areas of the Winter Olympics, covering 12 important competition venues, 2 network centers, 2 data centers, and the opening of the Winter Olympics. Ceremony and closing ceremony of the National Stadium Bird’s Nest. The Shougang Park where the ski jumping platform of the representative venue of the Winter Olympics is located, the Olympic Organizing Committee and the Winter Olympics Safety Operation Center SMC are also set up here. In this area of ​​the center of the big screen, you can view the security events and alarms of each venue in a round-robin manner, master the network security status of each venue, and click to view more detailed information of each venue. Through log and alarm statistics, you can see the security data of the platform in the past 24 hours, 7 days, and 30 days, and you can view the number of logs collected by the platform and the alarms generated. The platform receives about 3.5 billion logs every day, and the number of alerts shows the number and intensity of suspected cyberattacks in each venue. These alerts are clues to the discovery of cyberattacks, and security analysis experts will analyze the alerts.

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Strong empowerment of thousands of industries

The number of registered users has reached 551,000, and more than 16,000 agricultural loan transactions have been completed online, with a loan amount of 4.4 billion yuan and an average annual interest rate of 4.5%, which is 1.5% lower than the previous year’s offline loans, 15,000 Sets of agricultural machinery have been online, and 4.57 million mu of work tasks have been dispatched. The agricultural subsidy system has issued a total of 98 million yuan of subsidies, and more than 8,000 people have been issued. Beidahuang Group has shown with a set of data that digital technology has created significant economic and social benefits in the agricultural production practice of Beidahuang.

Yang Yan, senior solution manager of Beidahuang Group, said that Beidahuang took the lead in carrying out the whole-process intelligent test and demonstration of agriculture in China, and built a number of Beidahuang digital farms and unmanned farms, applying 5G communication, positioning and navigation, multi-sensor fusion, etc. This technology has pioneered the completion of the unmanned operation module construction, realizing remote control, multi-machine combination, and collaborative operation of the entire agricultural unmanned operation. In the construction of modern seed industry, Beidahuang Group has carried out agricultural “chip” technology research, focused on breaking through the “stuck neck” problem, and promoted the construction of a commercial breeding system.

4G changes life, 5G changes society. The concept of smart community is constantly entering people’s lives.

“Huihe 5G Smart Community is an overall solution for a service-oriented smart community from the perspective of serving the community. It integrates various service resources in the community and provides various convenient services for the community. The Huihe 5G smart community platform includes: smart home care for the elderly. It consists of eight parts: system, handheld community, smart security system, comprehensive autonomous system, community grid management, GIS management system, community grassroots party building and big data analysis system.” said Yuan Ziyu, consultant and planner of the Product R&D Department of the Software and People’s Livelihood Center of Harbin Institute of Technology. , Huihe 5G smart community platform is about to launch a pilot application in Daoli District, Harbin City.

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This exhibition will also use a combination of “cloud exhibition hall + real scene restoration + plane exhibition hall + dynamic exhibits” for a three-dimensional presentation. The exhibit introduction page is displayed in the form of graphic text + video explanation. At the same time, interactive modules are inserted to realize functions such as online negotiation and exchange of business cards. Mass consumer goods can be traded online through the company’s own links such as JD.com, Taobao, and online malls. The overall form of the virtual exhibition hall is to reproduce the original scene of the offline exhibition hall of Harbin International Convention and Exhibition Center, using digital technologies such as VR and AR, and using 360°×180° ring shooting technology to stitch and synthesize all the images in the scene, and the offline scene is actually shot to form a panorama style showroom.

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