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Business Angels: The ten most active German angel investors

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Business Angels: The ten most active German angel investors

Good, approachable angel investors are essential for many startups in the initial phase – for example as advisors, financiers and sparring partners.

Business angels give start-ups important support, especially in the initial phase. As mostly experienced entrepreneurs, they not only bring money, but above all expertise and networks. They are the direct contacts for problems or strategic questions. Angels are therefore central to a functioning start-up ecosystem – but often remain hidden.

The Angel intro service Addedval.io has, as part of an analysis of the start-up scene in advance, trawled through the German commercial register and selected the top 15 business angels. The decisive factor for the ranking was the activity of the investors, i.e. the number of their investments between July 2019 and December 2022. The angels had to have a place of residence or company headquarters in Germany and be entered in the commercial register in the list of shareholders of the startups. Investments that have not yet been converted via convertible loans or investments in start-ups outside of Germany were therefore not recorded.

Due to the method used, the list does not provide a complete picture of the investments; it was also adjusted for purely financial investments. Here we briefly present the top 10:

1st place: Flixbus founder

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