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Buying and planting cannabis seeds: You have to follow these regulations

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Buying and planting cannabis seeds: You have to follow these regulations

Growing your own cannabis is now legal – but with restrictions. picture alliance / Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa

Growing your own cannabis has been permitted in Germany since April under certain conditions.

Adults are allowed to grow up to three cannabis plants for personal consumption. Cannabis seeds are still not allowed to be sold in Germany, but can be legally imported from other EU countries.

Growing associations can not only distribute dried cannabis to their members, but also up to seven seeds or five cuttings per month to non-members for private cultivation.

On the first “420 Day” after cannabis legalization, around 4,000 people met at the Brandenburg Gate – and smoked weed. This was reported by, among others, “RBB“. That came into force on April 1st Cannabisgesetz Strictly speaking, however, it only represents partial legalization. There are still some legal restrictions. This also applies to home cultivation of cannabis, which has been permitted under certain conditions since April. What regulations apply when growing and where can you buy cannabis seeds?

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Who can grow cannabis?

Anyone who has been smoking weed regularly – of course only since April 1st – has probably already thought about whether it would be worth growing their own pot. Hemp plants are generally considered to be very easy to care for. According to the “Hamburger AbendblattThe cultivation is comparable to that of tomatoes or other vegetables. To plant cannabis seeds in private, you must be at least 18 years old. It is also required that you have been resident or habitually resident in Germany for at least six months.

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The clear answer is: Jain. Although home cultivation of marijuana is now permitted, trading cannabis seeds remains illegal for the time being. Nevertheless, seeds may be imported from other EU countries for private cultivation. This can also be done by ordering online.

The Cannabis Act also provides for cultivation associations, also known as Cannabis Social Clubs. For a monthly flat rate, members can receive more than just the end product. The associations are also entitled to pass on up to seven cannabis seeds or five cuttings per month to non-members for private cultivation. The costs incurred must be reimbursed to the association.

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How much and which cannabis seeds can be grown?

Adults over the age of 18 are allowed to grow a maximum of three cannabis plants at once for personal consumption. Depending on the size of the household, more plants could be grown. However, if this number is exceeded, the additional commercial hemp plants must be destroyed immediately. While you are allowed to have 25 grams of cannabis with you anywhere in Germany, a somewhat more generous regulation applies where you live: an adult person can keep up to 50 grams of the dried plant at home.

However, there are no restrictions on the type of cannabis seeds. Only the growing associations have to adhere to a regulation in this regard. For 18 to 21 year olds, the cannabis may not exceed a THC content of ten percent.

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Where can you grow cannabis?

Cannabis plants may only be planted at your place of residence or habitual residence. This includes cultivation in your own apartment, balcony or garden. But be careful: Due to the current regulations, not every place is suitable for a commercial hemp plant. On the one hand, minors are not allowed to have access to plants, cannabis seeds or the harvested marijuana due to the child and youth protection enshrined in the law.

In addition, cannabis plants also exude the typical smell of grass. This is perceived as disturbing by many people. However, the extension must not cause an unreasonable nuisance for neighbors or other people. To avoid this, you can, for example, use less strong-smelling cannabis varieties and ventilation systems.

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Can you sell or give away your own cannabis to others?

You are not allowed to sell your home-grown cannabis or pass it on to others for free. The right to pass on the information is reserved to the cultivation associations, which receive a kind of compensation for their expenses through monthly contributions. The law is particularly strict when it comes to distribution to minors. For people over 21 who sell cannabis to minors, the minimum sentence was recently increased to two years. Any other trade in home-grown cannabis will also be prosecuted.

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