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BYD Launches New Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition with Lower Price and Improved Features

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[Pacific Automobile New Car Channel] On September 26, the highly anticipated Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition was released, introducing an entry-level model priced at 129,800 yuan. This new edition further lowers the price threshold and provides a pure electric range of 71km. The Song Pro DM-i Championship Edition, originally launched in May this year, has undergone various updates in terms of appearance, interior, battery life, and intelligence.

The new model features a younger front face shape with laminated air diffusers on both sides of the front bumper, giving it a sporty and combative look. The dragon’s whisker design is seamlessly connected to the LED headlights, enhancing the attractiveness of the front face. The dragon scale hexagonal lattice grille has been widened, increasing the impact and sportiness of the vehicle.

In terms of size, the Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition maintains its length, width, and height at 4738/1860/1710mm. The side design remains largely unchanged, with a sophisticated linear design extending from the waistline to the rear, giving the car a smooth and powerful appearance. The top-mounted 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels add a sense of dynamics to the overall design.

The newly designed rear features through-type dot matrix taillights that extend horizontally, accompanied by LED rear taillights and turn signals, creating a strong three-dimensional effect. The license plate frame has been moved to the rear bumper, enhancing the attractiveness and simplicity of the rear design.

Inside the cabin, the Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition maintains its original style while introducing a new interior color scheme called pure moonlight. The design draws inspiration from the moonlight, paired with warm and pleasant beige, creating a warmer and brighter atmosphere. The upgraded 8.8-inch floating narrow-edge LCD instrument panel is more coordinated and beautiful when paired with the narrow-edge central control large screen. A new navigation instrument function has been added, displaying navigation reminder information for convenience.

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The car’s configuration focuses on “entry-level high-end configurations,” offering a variety of features including a panoramic sunroof, 3D panoramic transparent image, main/passenger seat ventilation & heating, dual-temperature zone automatic air conditioning, smart music cockpit, DiLink4.0 intelligent network connection system, DiPilot intelligent driving assistance system, NFC full-scenario digital key (Apple + Android), intelligent power on and off function, mobile APP cloud service remote car control, mobile remote control driving, mobile Bluetooth key, and CN95 high-efficiency filter.

The Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition also introduces a new NFC car key that supports Apple devices, allowing owners to unlock, lock, and start the vehicle using their iPhone or Apple Watch. Furthermore, the car is equipped with a two-way vehicle system that can be charged and discharged, as well as a VTOL function that can discharge household loads with a maximum power of 3.3kW, providing additional convenience and flexibility.

One of the highlights of the Champion Edition is the new 71km battery life version, equipped with fast charging technology that can charge the battery to 80% in just 30 minutes. This makes it particularly suitable for car owners with medium to long driving distances, ensuring convenient charging to meet their travel needs.

In terms of power, the Song Pro DM-i Champion Edition continues to utilize BYD’s DM-i super hybrid technology, featuring a 1.5L engine combined with an electric motor. The maximum engine power is 81kW, and the system’s comprehensive maximum power reaches 226kW. The comprehensive maximum range of the vehicle is 1,090 kilometers, with an electric fuel consumption of 4.4L/100km.

Car enthusiasts can explore the new car in more detail by watching the original video provided below.

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(Text: Pacific Automotive Ke Kaiwen)

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