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BYD will supply “blade batteries” to Tesla

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A few days ago, some media reported that it was learned from a number of people familiar with the matter that BYD is about to supply “blade batteries” to Tesla in the second quarter of next year.The Tesla models currently equipped with “blade batteries” have entered the C-sample test phase. In this regard, BYD said it “does not comment.”Today, another BYD insider revealed to the media about this matter.It is true that BYD will supply “blade batteries” to Tesla, and the first model may be Model Y.

In the Chinese market, Tesla has a number of battery suppliers, in addition to South Korea’s LG, Japan’s Panasonic, there are also Chinese battery giant Ningde era. Different from the above companies, they are all battery suppliers and have not set foot in the field of automobile manufacturing.

This time, Tesla chose its electric vehicle rival BYD in the Chinese market to supply batteries, and the significance behind it is even more profound.

In fact, industry sources revealed thatTesla chose BYD blade batteries, not only because of its cost reduction, but also because of the safety of the blade batteries.

BYD blade batteries use lithium iron phosphate batteries with stronger thermal stability, which not only overcome the disadvantages of lower energy density through the “blade” structural innovation, but also perfectly pass the most stringent acupuncture test in the field of power battery safety.

Previously, BYD President Wang Chuanfu said:“We iterate into blade batteries and throw away our opponents two streets in terms of safety.” The founder personally stood for the blade battery platform, reflecting BYD’s absolute confidence in the safety of blade batteries. In the field of electric vehicles, reference to battery safety is equivalent to vehicle safety.

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However, the current capacity of BYD’s blade battery is still in short supply. In addition to the booming demand for its DM-i models, BYD has also replaced all its models with blade batteries. As a result, the production capacity of blade batteries is further tightened.

According to reports, the battery production capacity of BYD’s Chongqing Bishan plant has reached 20GWh and will reach 35GWh by the end of the year. According to the plan, BYD’s Changsha 20GWh blade battery plant and Guiyang’s 10GWh blade battery plant will also be gradually completed and put into production this year.

In addition, in order to expand production capacity, BYD’s Bengbu Fudi production base is also in full swing. It is reported that the Bengbu Fudi project has a total investment of 6 billion yuan and a planned annual output of 20GWh power batteries.Based on the planned annual production capacity of the above four production bases, the annual production capacity of blade batteries is expected to reach 85GWh.

There is no doubt that BYD, which has a complete industry chain of complete vehicle manufacturing and the core component of electric vehicles, “battery”, has become the leading brand in China’s new energy vehicle camp. Even Tesla, the global electric car eldest brother, is now approaching the door to discuss cooperation, and the technical advantages are more vivid. It remains to be seen what development situation BYD will usher in in the future.

In addition, in recent times, BYD’s share price in the A-share market has also risen one after another. As of today’s A-share closing, BYD closed at 303.48 yuan, a slight increase of 1.39%, with a total market value of 868.3 billion yuan.

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