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ByteDance’s next-generation VR headset PICO 4 is on sale from 2,499 yuan

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ByteDance’s next-generation VR headset PICO 4 is on sale from 2,499 yuan

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Pico VR, a subsidiary of ByteDance, officially released a new generation of VR headset PICO 4, priced from 2499 yuan.

The PICO 4 weighs 295g, which is 43% smaller than the previous generation PICO Neo3 and a full 100g lighter. It uses a classic front and rear counterweight balanced design. With a knob-type strap that can be adjusted with one hand, and soft and breathable skin-friendly foam, the overall wearing experience is more comfortable and convenient.

PICO 4 is equipped with dual 2.56-inch displays, which can reach 90Hz high refresh rate, 1200PPI, and 100% s RGB color gamut coverage, making the picture clearer and more delicate. PICO 4 is also equipped with a Pancake folded optical path design, and has been independently improved, so that the reflection and transmission losses of light are lower and the optical resolution is stronger. When the MTF value is set to 0.6, the optical clarity of PICO 4 is nearly 86% higher than that of PICO Neo3. In addition to the improved clarity, PICO 4 also achieves a super large field of view of 105°, making the field of view wider and more shocking.

At the same time, PICO 4 also adopts the new HyperSense vibration handle, which adopts the star ring arc column design, which is more ergonomic. The area where the handle fits the palm uses a laser engraving process, which is effectively non-slip and prevents slipping. The handle has a built-in powerful broadband linear motor with a vibration frequency range of 50-500Hz.

PICO 4 is priced at 2499 yuan for 128G and 2799 yuan for 256G. The PICO 4 Pro 512G with eye and face tracking is priced at 3,799 yuan.

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