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美股收盘:纳指涨超200点 åŒºå —é“¾å Šä¸æ¦‚è‚¡æ™®æ¶¨ï¼Œå˜‰æ¥ ç§’æŠ€æ ¶¨è¶…30%ã€ å¥½æœªæ ¥æ¶¨é€¾6%-æ‰‹æœºé‡’èž ç•Œ

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美股收盘:纳指涨超200点 åŒºå —é“¾å Šä¸æ¦‚è‚¡æ™®æ¶¨ï¼Œå˜‰æ¥ ç§’æŠ€æ ¶¨è¶…30%ã€ å¥½æœªæ ¥æ¶¨é€¾6%-æ‰‹æœºé‡’èž ç•Œ

**Stock Prices Surge: Nasdaq Soars Over 200 Points, Tech Stocks Lead the Way, Good Future Unsettled by 6% Drop**

Financial Sector
February 15, 2024 06:03:46

The financial world is abuzz with investors focusing on the outlook for U.S. stock prices and the Federal Reserve’s interest rate policies. Also on the radar are the pending releases of retail sales and the Producer Price Index (PPI) data, with U.S. stocks experiencing a partial rebound following a significant drop on their last trading day.

Nasdaq surged over 150 points, while the S&P 500 index rose by 0.96%. In the tech sector, ARM and AMD experienced a 5% and 4% increase in their stock prices, respectively. Meanwhile, Uber saw a surge of over 15%, with the company announcing it has repurchased up to $700 million of its common stock.

However, there was a notable setback as the Dow Jones Industrial Average dropped by 6%. On Tuesday, the market experienced its largest single-day decline since March 22, 2023. The index plummeted more than 750 points, potentially impacted by the release of the January Consumer Price Index (CPI) showing increased inflation pressures, contributing to uncertainty surrounding the Fed’s tightening policies.

Some investment analysts estimate that the chances of a Fed rate hike following the release of the core PCE data have increased to around 64%, up from about 32%. They also predict three interest rate hikes this year, totaling approximately 75 basis points.

Nick Timiraos from the “New York Times” suggested that market participants are closely monitoring the upcoming release of the U.S. PPI data on Thursday, which would further influence market sentiment.

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Terry Sandven, a strategist at a leading investment firm, expressed views that, despite the recent CPI report potentially delaying the Fed’s first rate hike from the originally anticipated mid-2023 to later in 2024, the momentum of the stock market is still unclear.

The founder of DoubleLine Capital, Jeffrey Gundlach, compared the current stock price levels to the beginning of the last bull market cycle. While the U.S. stock market has recently achieved record highs, some analysts believe the trend might be indicative of an increased risk of a pullback.

Outside of the market indices, chipmaker AMD is set to release its financial report later this month. The company has revised its revenue outlook for 2024 upwards by over 100% in the past 12 months.

Tuesday also saw Uber surpassing the market valuation of many established companies like Visa and Mastercard. The company’s founder unloaded 24 million shares of Uber stock over a three-day period, amounting to $4 billion. However, the reason for the sell-off was not disclosed.

Moreover, the debut of Apple’s MR Head-Mounted Display Pro is anticipated soon, and some buyers are reportedly considering returning the device due to its high price point.

In a rare move, a company announced its intention to repurchase $700 million worth of its common stock, indicating confidence in its financial prospects.

This news roundup provides a detailed overview of the financial markets and key developments affecting various sectors. The information serves as a reference for the investing public and does not constitute investment advice. As with any stock market investment, caution and due diligence are advised.

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