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Caiumi: “The Emilian aggregative model works and needs to be extended”

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Caiumi: “The Emilian aggregative model works and needs to be extended”

That of Confindustria Emilia, which this year celebrates the first five years of the aggregation between the associations of Bologna, Modena and Ferrara, is a model that works and should be extended to the neighboring provinces that have remained “solitary”: because it allows to operate in quickly and efficiently in the logic of the supply chain – which is impossible considering local boundaries -; because it amplifies the scope of investments in digital, training and information services for businesses; because it allows to weigh more with the institutional interlocutors and at the same time costs less to the associates.

3,400 associated companies at the meeting

These are the words that the president of Confindustria Emilia Centro area, Valter Caiumi, shares on leaving the first private meeting in attendance, after two years of Covid, with the representatives of the 3,400 associated companies (183 thousand employees and 193 billion euros in turnover ). A message addressed indirectly to the territories of the Via Emilia that continue to march alone, such as Reggio Emilia and Parma, when in an increasingly complex world “and which travels at the speed of light, the key hub becomes the territorial networks, which manage to act as connecting the business world, the political world, the school and university world and by operating on extended production chains, every activity, from large companies to micro-realities, cascade down reverberates ”, underlines Caiumi.

The optimism that resists

After closing an excellent two-year period 2020-2021, despite the pandemic, even in the face of the Ukrainian war, the industries of the Emilian triangle do not lose optimism for the next few months: “Ten ago the earthquake – the president recalls the anniversary of the earthquake that on 20 and 29 May 2012 it tormented the three territories gathered in Confindustria Emilia, blocking the activity of 14 thousand companies, with over 13 billion euros in damage – then Covid, the energy crisis, the war. We are and will be subjected to constant stresses and changes, facing which we have only two alternatives: either to manage them, anticipating the market, to move forward, or to feel sorry for ourselves ».

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The Emilian DNA

The second path is not in the DNA of the Emilian community, as demonstrated by the restart and the post-earthquake reconstruction, and Confindustria Emilia itself in these years of revolution in corporate organization and international trade flows “has learned to work 7 days a week. 7, in constant contact with associates, schools, institutions thanks to an unprecedented digital acceleration, guaranteeing services and assistance 365 days a year and savings to members of 7.7 million euros in contributions from 2017 to today, means the 20% less membership fees each year », claims Caiumi.

Relocating factories

Alone we advance too slowly with respect to the market, it is the synthesis of the thinking of the Emilian industrialists, who historically have their competitive asset in the supply chains, synonymous with flexibility and customization of products that competitors, especially in the metalworking sector, are unable to match. «Let’s not miss the opportunity of relocating factories, now that the race for low cost relocations has shown how short-sighted he was. A territory like ours urges Caiumi – which has been able to maintain a good level of manufacturing and a very high level of skills, must accelerate as much as possible the return of most of those productions that can return to approach the European continent ».

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