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Calabria and Pnrr, the restart also passes through the transition of the PA

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Ok the PNRR, the allocation of resources, the ecological and digital transition. But the precondition for the relaunch of Calabria is to adapt the political-administrative system, providing, before any other, a transition of the public administration. This is the strongest message that passed during the debate organized by Unindustria Cosenza on the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities related to the National Resilience and Resistance Plan, which was attended by the economist Domenico Cersosimo, professor at Unical, mayors, municipal technicians, representatives of associations and banking institutions.

The alibi of the lack of resources

“The crush of the pandemic and the crisis that preceded it did not allow the economic and social systems to reorganize. But now we have to face the largest investment in the history of the Italian Republic – declared the president of the Union of Industrialists of Cosenza Fortunato Amarelli – building new forms of social cohesion, giving new trust to institutions, abandoning corporatist interests and rediscovering, even as entrepreneurs , a new sense of responsibility. We no longer have the excuse of lack of resources. We need ideas, skills and the vision of young people. “We also need the spotlight on the territories:” It would be useful to set up a regional control room to focus on the needs of the territories and, to the same extent, to harmonize the provisions of the Pnrr with the Por being defined, to avoid unnecessary duplication, ”said the regional president of Anci Marcello Manna, mayor of Rende.

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The infrastructural gap

The president of Ance Gianni Pierciaccante immediately placed the emphasis on infrastructures with a long list of interventions: “The NRP will have to combine growth and territorial cohesion by reducing the gaps between the regions of Italy, starting with the infrastructural one, with the extension of the ” High-speed railway on the Salerno – Reggio Calabria, with the upgrading and modernization of the port of Gioia Tauro, the completion of the motorway system, the completion of the 106 Jonica, the implementation of the main crossroads, the infrastructure of the Special Economic Zones, the realization of a robust school building plan, the digitization of public administrations and the production system, the construction of hospitals, the safety of the territory, the strengthening of water infrastructures, the protection of the historical and artistic heritage ».

Investments, innovation and development

In addition to the opportunities, the risks were also discussed: «The NRP is a great challenge. To reverse the trend we must focus on investments, innovation and development, in a logic of socio-economic and territorial cohesion – explained the vice president of Confindustria Natale Mazzuca, with responsibility for the South and the Economy of the sea – In addition to the NRP, with the complementary investments, the programming of the European Structural Funds and the Development and Cohesion Fund, we will have unprecedented financial resources. However, there is no lack of significant risks linked above all to non-compliance with deadlines and the inadequacy of our political-administrative system. But the huge amount of funds and the instruments of reform can give a decisive turning point to the efficiency of the public administration, equipping it with technological means and qualified human resources, capable of giving real opportunities to young people in the South ”.

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The role of the economy of the sea

The green and digital transition represent the heart of the change, “but they must be placed in a framework of social, economic and territorial cohesion – concludes Mazzuca – The Economy of the Sea, for example, can really represent the sector that can give answers to expectations of companies and the community. It is a cluster that already plays an important economic-productive role in the South, but which has extraordinary potential for growth, all still to be exploited, in a context in which the South can be the center and the engine of new development ».

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