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Calvani leads the tractor revolt. Pro-Russia and Putin groups marched

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Calvani leads the tractor revolt.  Pro-Russia and Putin groups marched

Tractors at Circus Maximus: Danilo Calvani leader of the “Cra Agricoltori traditi” leads the revolt

The story of the farmers’ protest does not seem to end with the negotiation “institutional” made by Palazzo Chigi because – as expected – there is someone who doesn’t fit.

And so the cut in agricultural income tax for two years is not considered sufficient, indeed it is considered only a provocative sop that the “Cra (Agricultural Joint Committees) Farmers betrayed” they consider it a real provocation.

Yesterday at the Circus Maximus in Rome the “hard guys” demonstrated; there were a thousand people present with tractors, not many actually but significantly, about ten.

While “Other agriculture” e “Productive People” they gathered in front of the Colosseum and the Capitoline Hill.

He guides them Danilo Calvani which has as its main target the minister Lollobrigida who declared himself to be a friend of Ettore Prandini’s Coldiretti and therefore his enemy.

The entry was triumphal with two wings of the crowd shaking hands with the demonstrators leaning out of the windows amid a crescendo of horns.

One of the tractors leading the procession had the yellow-red flags of Sicily with the triskelion symbol and a cardboard that read: “God multiplied bread and fish, not crickets and grasshoppers”.

Calvani’s speech was very harsh:

“You have seen the miserable actions of Minister Lollobrigida who created a fake committee with the leaders of Coldiretti saying that it was us and we are going to negotiate with them… a minister lacking technical knowledge cannot represent us. He said that he is a friend of Coldiretti…”.

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And then again:

“We are not here to ask for alms… they removed the Irpef and made it easier for us. Simply put, how many thousands are there here? Well it’s as if they gave a candy that we all have to share… but what did you take away? Shame! Here we must not give up and we must go further. Long live Italy, long live the farmers and may God bless us!”.

So Calvani concluded from the improvised stage by making the sign of the cross.

After the speech Calvani answered journalists’ questions.

“The Coldiretti leaders must be eliminated and the minister must leave and must be changed because a situation of this type, assuming that all our requests are accepted, cannot be resolved overnight, it takes time and we must have trusted people.”

Demonstrators on foot also marched behind the tractors with banners: “Stop money for the war against Russia” and slogans like “we are all farmers”.

A protester held a sign that read “the victory of farmers is the victory of all the people”. When asked why, she replied that “food is our life and our future. They want to stop cultivation here in Italy so that we can then eat rubbish that comes from Chinese…I’m not from the sector, I’m an active person who defends the values ​​of the Italian people.”

We remind you that Danilo Calvani is an agricultural entrepreneur from Pontinia, former leader of the “pitchforks”, the similar movement born in 2013 which was then called “Coordinamento 9th December”.

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He comes from a family of farmers who reclaimed the countryside under the fascism.

The protest is against the European Union’s agricultural policies, high prices and above all the free market for imported products.

They were present at the event far-right groups including Giuliano Castellino’s association, “Ancora Italia”. They carried a banner that read “We are the people who don’t give up”. However, the Forza Nuova representative was banned from attending after the attack on the CGIL headquarters.

But there was no shortage of chants like “Giuliano one of us”.

The protest is against the government and Lollobrigida but one cannot help but notice how Salvini has sided with the demonstrators and against the EU, differentiating himself from all the other centre-right politicians so much so that Il Manifesto wrote a few days ago:

“In centre-right circles there are rumors that behind the street demonstrations and the controversies against the Coldiretti there is the League of Matteo Salviniwho wants to recover the voters who have gone to Fratelli D’Italia and could nominate Danilo Calvani in the European elections, together with general Roberto Vannacci”.

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