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Campania, Schlein Commissioner De Luca. Susanna Camusso Commissioner is arriving

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Campania, Schlein Commissioner De Luca.  Susanna Camusso Commissioner is arriving

The Pd commissioner De Luca in Campania, Camusso and Misiani arrive

Internal battle in the Democratic Party on the figure of Vincenzo De Luca. Following the non-approval of the register of members of the Federation of Caserta and the resignation of the President of the Regional Commission for the Congress of Campania Franco Roberti, the Secretary of the Democratic Party Elly Schlein asked Susanna Camusso to assume the position of Commissioner of the PD in Caserta. Antonio Misiani instead, he will be the new Commissioner of the Campania regional PD. The National Secretariat’s commissioner proposals were voted on by the National Guarantee Commission.

The Pd has announced the commissioning of the Pd of Campania and Caserta. “I don’t know if it will have a cost, of what kind: it would have a much greater cost not to be consequent on the promise of transparency, reconstruction and respect for the rules”. Elly Schlein says it from the stage of the Tomorrow party, in Modena. “We will always face L like thisLast week Franco Roberti resigned as president of the Guarantee Commission because it had been impossible to certify the register of members in Caserta. Today I asked Sisanna Camusso to be commissioner of the province of Caserta and Misiani commissioner in Campania. We had denounced opaque situations, with packs of cards, bosses or people who feel they own the cards. I don’t want this to give the impression that we have a generalized problem. in the primaries we had problems of this type in very well localized territories and as a secretary I do not allow anyone to throw mud on the people who got up and went to vote. Today we have to make choices to have clarity and transparency “, adds the Pd secretary.

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De Luca reacted, as reported by Repubblica: “The fate of Campania is decided in Campania, not elsewhere. Neither in Rome, nor at the United Nations. There are three years left for the Regionals, but someone who is a little agitated has experienced some effervescence out of time”.

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