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Car freighter: “Felicity Ace” owner sues Porsche for millions over ship fire

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Car freighter: “Felicity Ace” owner sues Porsche for millions over ship fire

Economy Fire on car freighter

The owner of the “Felicity Ace” is suing Porsche for millions in damages

Status: 06.03.2024 | Reading time: 2 minutes

The “Felicity Ace” caught fire off Portugal: almost 4,000 new VW Group cars, mostly luxurious ones, sank into the Atlantic with the 200-meter freighter

Quelle: picture alliance/AA/Portuguese Naval Forces/Handout

Almost two years ago, the car freighter “Felicity Ace” burned in the Atlantic. According to the Japanese owner, it was because the battery of a Porsche caught fire. Together with the insurance companies, the company is now suing Porsche and other VW brands for almost 30 million euros.

After a car freighter sank, the ship owner and insurance companies are suing Porsche and another VW company for damages. The plaintiff is asserting claims totaling almost 30 million euros against the sports car manufacturer, as a spokesman for the Stuttgart regional court announced on Wednesday upon request. A second case – against Porsche and another, unnamed Volkswagen company – is currently pending in Braunschweig. The “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung” and the “Braunschweiger Zeitung” had previously reported.

The approximately 200-meter-long car freighter “Felicity Ace” was traveling from Emden to the USA in February 2022 when a fire broke out on it near the Azores in the Atlantic. The crew was saved. The ship later sank during an attempt to tow it. There were almost 4,000 new cars from various VW brands on board, including Porsche vehicles.

The origin and cause of the fire remain unclear. This is now being argued in court. According to the Stuttgart regional court, the ship’s owner, who is based in Tokyo, Japan, claims that the fire started from a Porsche whose lithium-ion battery allegedly caught fire.

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Too big for fire protection?

The owner states, among other things, that Porsche did not point out the danger and necessary precautions when transporting its electric vehicles with high-performance batteries.

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A spokesman for the sports car manufacturer did not comment on the details of the proceedings on Wednesday: “Porsche AG confirms that it has been served with civil lawsuits in Germany in connection with the sinking of the “Felicity Ace”. Since these are ongoing proceedings, we cannot currently comment on further details.”

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There is no date for the oral hearing in Stuttgart yet. The proceedings are suspended due to mediation before the Braunschweig regional court. This is scheduled to take place in March. However, a court spokesman in Braunschweig did not provide any details about the proceedings there, as the matter had not yet been heard publicly. “If the appointment remains inconclusive, the proceedings will continue in dispute before the responsible civil chamber,” it said. According to the courts, the lawsuits were filed in spring 2023.

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