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Cars, here are the curiosities (few but good) of the 2024 Geneva Motor Show

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Cars, here are the curiosities (few but good) of the 2024 Geneva Motor Show

Lucid Gravity, the premium SUV an oasis of serenity

The interior of the US brand’s luxury SUV which will arrive in Europe by the end of the year also offers interactive wellness experiences such as Lucid Sanctuary and Lucid Spaces, designed to convey tranquility on board, whether traveling or when waiting to the charging station. Just one touch is enough to transform the cockpit into an oasis of serenity, immersing all 7 passengers on board in the relaxing atmosphere of magical places such as Lake Tahoe or Joshua Tree.

Microlino Lite, the microcar that can be driven by 14 years old

The Swiss manufacturer of Microlino electric vehicles, imported into Italy by the Koelliker Group, unveiled in Geneva the new Lite version approved L6e and therefore drivable for 14 years. The 2-seater electric can be recognized by some aesthetic details, such as the touches of orange and the color combinations: it is available in Venice blue or Berlin anthracite. The setup also includes a sunroof. Like the more powerful version, the Microlino Lite is produced in Italy, in Turin.

Denza N7, the electric SUV version for Europe

For charging, the Denza N7, an electric vehicle with rear or all-wheel drive, offers an original solution, with two direct current sockets that can be used at the same time, for a total power of 230 kW: in this way you use and pay for two charging stations , but you go from 20 to 80% in just 20 minutes. The launch of the N7 model in Geneva which is yet another challenge for the luxury brand of the BYD group will begin by the end of this year.

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Mg3 Hybrid, the five driving modes available

The new hybrid powertrain of the MG model on sale from May allows you to travel in different modes, starting with EV, in which the car only runs on electric power. Then there is the Series mode, with the combustion engine that delivers power to the generator to power the electric unit. The Series and Recharge which allows the generator to recharge the battery, the Driving and Recharge with the internal combustion engine which sends the power to the wheels and the Parallel function with the two motors which send the power to the wheels.

IM L6, available with solid state and lithium batteries

IM Motors, MG’s premium brand, presented the new L6 electric sedan in Geneva which will arrive in Europe in 2025. IM, founded at the end of 2020, is a joint venture between SAIC, MG’s parent company and the e-commerce giant Alibaba. The L6 is the first model for Europe where it will be offered with both solid-state batteries with 800 km of autonomy and lithium batteries with 600 km. The L6 will then be launched in an SUV version, the dual-motor LS6 with 776 hp and 0-100 km in 3.4 sec.

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