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Carsten Maschmeyer: DHDL-Löwen startup raises millions

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Carsten Maschmeyer: DHDL-Löwen startup raises millions

Carsten Maschmeyer supported the credit card startup of the two founders Fabian Terner (l.) and Malte Rau (r.) early on. Maschmeyer; Pliant

Carsten Maschmeyer doesn’t just invest as a DHDL lion. He also finances startups outside of the TV show. His portfolio includes, among others, the young credit card company Pliant. Maschmeyer has been there since 2021, since the seed round. The startup has now grown significantly and has just completed its Series A expansion.

A new 18 million euros were raised, bringing the Series A total to over 50 million euros. In addition to Maschmeyer, who joined with his investment vehicle Alstin, there are other well-known names in the so-called cap table: Particularly prominent is the newcomer Paypal Ventures, which is the investment arm of the online payment giant.

Also included are SBI Investment from Japan and Motive Ventures from the USA. At the end of 2022, Motive took over the Berlin venture capitalist Embedded Capital, which had previously joined Pliant.

Pliant wants to use the fresh capital to drive expansion in Great Britain and other markets outside the EU, according to the Berlin company. Most recently, the startup was active in 25 countries in the European Economic Area.

This is what the company credit card can do for startups and SMEs

The Berliners around the two founders Fabian Terner and Malte Rau have been working on a company credit card since 2020 that is specifically intended for startups and SMEs. This is intended to solve several problems: On the one hand, banks would find it difficult to issue these cards to smaller companies with a short credit history and lower collateral.

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On the other hand, Pliant is intended to help optimize payment processes with the greatest possible transparency, as the creators say. For this purpose, the physical and virtual credit cards are integrated into existing company processes and software tools, which is intended to reduce administrative effort.

With Pliant’s so-called Cards-as-a-Service product, other companies can also introduce their own credit cards for their customers.

Here you can see the ten slides with which Pliant was looking for investors for its Series A. You can find more pitch decks like this on our overview page.

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