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Catholics increasingly uncomfortable. A problem for Schlein’s Pd

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Catholics increasingly uncomfortable.  A problem for Schlein’s Pd

Pierluigi Castagnetti left Schlein’s Pd slamming the door

The Schlein breakthrough brought about an epochal change in the Democratic party which was born, it should always be remembered, from a rather cold fusion between the heirs of the Italian Communist Party and the left-wing component of the Christian Democracy. In short, it was a “small historical compromise”. It was 2007, a prehistoric era compared to today, at least for the very rapid times of politics.

The model was that of the US Democratic Party but in common with it there was only the name because their political and above all ideological history was too different.

In the US it would be impossible just to talk about “communism” while in Italy there was the largest, strongest and most structured European communist party even if Berlinguer said he felt safer under the NATO umbrella than under that of the Warsaw Pact. And in Italy there is also the Pope and there was the Christian Democrats which, after the fall of fascism, had governed continuously intercepting the moderates and the big centre.

The local situation was different, for example Rome, where the Communists had governed despite all Western and European concerns Usa in particular o Emilia – Romagna, Umbria and Tuscany, traditional red regions.

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