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Cecchi Gori and Basquiat (disappeared) worth 4 million to pay his lawyer

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Cecchi Gori and Basquiat (disappeared) worth 4 million to pay his lawyer

Cecchi Gori and the mystery of the missing painting. The three-way challenge in court

Cecchi Gori and the lawsuit with his lawyer for a painting worth 4 millionand Basquiat huge, a canvas of 2 meters by 1.90 which however it seems to have vanished into thin air. One sneers, the other resorts, the third sharpens his weapons. Nobody backs down in front of the unobtainable canvas with the evocative title: “Wine of Babylon”. But everyone – we read in Il Corriere della Sera – is working on it best way to hang it on your wall. The day following the sentence awarded to the criminal lawyer Giovanni Button il title of possession of the painting, nothing seems resolved. For the simple fact that the canvas is not there. There is no agreement even on the date of disappearance. For Nappi she would have vanished”in 2010 when it was promised to me“.

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Per Rita Rusicex-wife of Vittorio Cecchi Gori, “in 1999, the day after the purchase in the USA”. In summary: a gigantic Basquiat lies somewhere waiting to be delivered to its owner, the lawyer Giovanni Nappi who had it as payment of his performance professional by Cecchi Gori himself in 2010. But Rusic, the producer’s ex-wife, – continues Il Corriere – he claims it per se Which wedding anniversary gift, boasting in parentheses a sentence with which the judges rejected an assault by the ex-husband who attempted to regain possession of it. While waiting for Basquiat, the judge of the Civil Court of Rome condemns Cecchi Gori to “payment of court costs” towards Nappi: thirty thousand euros. Little more than a joke.

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