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Celgene News|Affordable Rental Housing REITs Add Newcomers to the First Batch of Sales This Friday_CAIJING.COM.CN

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Celgene News|Affordable Rental Housing REITs Add Newcomers to the First Batch of Sales This Friday_CAIJING.COM.CN

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In the second half of the year, the development of publicly offered REITs accelerated, and new innovative varieties were added.

Following the approval of the affordable rental housing REITs under CICC and Hongtu Innovation, the third similar product, Huaxia Beijing affordable housing REIT, was approved on August 5.

It is reported that CICC Xiamen Anju Affordable Rental Housing REIT is the first to be publicly issued this Friday (August 12), and Red Earth Innovation Shenzhen Talent Anju REIT will be publicly issued next Monday (August 15). 1 working day. In addition, the inquiry range of CICC Xiamen Anju REIT is 2.438 yuan/unit to 2.695 yuan/unit, and the inquiry range of Hongtu Innovation Shenzhen Talent Anju REIT is 2.270 yuan/unit to 2.610 yuan/unit. Caijing.com Finance has learned that Huaxia Beijing Affordable Housing REIT will also start the sale as soon as possible. The total amount of fund shares raised by the three products is 500 million.

Up to now, there are a total of 14 public offering Shanghai and Shenzhen REITs in operation in the market. In addition to the 3 affordable rental housing products that have not yet been established, the total number has reached 17. Among them, China AMC’s publicly offered REITs are the most approved companies, reaching 3.

The latest research report of Industrial Research stated that since the beginning of the year, under the guidance of the central policy that encourages public REITs as the most effective way to revitalize existing assets, the business rules of public REITs have been continuously improved, and the taxation and fundraising mechanisms have been initially established. Several major industry fields proposed to promote the REITs process of projects, and the public REITs market expanded significantly. In the primary market, compared with the end of 2021, only public REITs have been newly listed, 2 have been approved, and the other 4 are in the exchange declaration process. It can be found that 24 companies are preparing for the listing of public REITs, and infrastructure projects have expanded to In the fields of energy (electricity), affordable rental housing (including public rental housing), water conservancy projects, and industrial plants, the project areas are more dispersed, the project rate of return remains above 4% of the regulatory requirements, and the approval efficiency is improved.

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On the whole, the current public offering of Shanghai and Shenzhen REITs has a total issuance scale of over 54 billion yuan, and a total market value of 62.639 billion yuan. Industry insiders predict that the total market value will enter the 100 billion level by the end of this year.

From the perspective of listing performance, wind data shows that most publicly offered REITs have generally risen. As of August 8, 2022, among the 14 publicly offered REITs, 3 products have increased by more than 40% since their listing, and 4 have increased by more than 30%.

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