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Center-right shattered in Europe. Salvini’s strategy. Derby right

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Center-right shattered in Europe.  Salvini’s strategy.  Derby right

Salvini is trying to build a new EU group that excludes the German ultra-right of Afd

The tension between Forza Italia and the League, as he wrote yesterday Affaritaliani.it, it is very high. The theme is that of the European position in view of the next elections of 2024 and the construction of a new majority that excludes the socialists (as Silvio Berlusconi also recently said). The problem is that Antonio Tajaninumber two blue, meeting with the leader of the EPP Manfred Weber categorically ruled out an agreement with Identity and Democracy, the group to which the League belongs in Strasbourg together with the French right wing ex Marine Le Pen and above all with the German ultra-right of Afd.

Matteo Salvini, commenting on the latest regional elections in Spain, sent out a very clear signal: the united centre-right wins in Italy and in Europe. The problem, however, is that the three forces that make up the Meloni government are in three distinct groups in the European Parliament. And the problem is precisely with the League, because ID, precisely due to the presence of the Germans of Afd, has been effectively isolated for years and out of all games. Tajani himself hypothesized for next year a majority with Ppe, Conservatori (the group of Brothers of Italy of which Giorgia Meloni is leader) and the liberals, i.e. Emmanuel Macron.

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