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Central Italy, 700 million for the economic revitalization of the area hit by the earthquake

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Teaming up: the metaphor of Italian sport to recover an identity and hook up the recovery. Abruzzo, Lazio, Marche and Umbria are ready to rethink a new business model: the Young Entrepreneurs of Confindustria, through the Interregional of the Center, inspired yesterday’s event in L’Aquila, with an emblematic theme: “Italy which is the Center “.

«Central Italy in today’s geopolitical dispute ends up being just a hinge. Instead, the paradigm should be reversed – observes Stefano Panella, entrepreneur from Abruzzo and president of the Interregionale Centro -: we are not without specificity, we are not the “non north” or the “not south”, we are not a place without character.

A territory, however, which today seems incapable of making the most of and preserving that wealth and know-how that it has brought with it for centuries, ever since all the activities were born and developed around the village ».

Today there is an extraordinary economic accelerator, with resources never seen before that will have to be quickly discharged to the ground: the structural funds 2021-2027, the CIS earthquake, the Pnrr and the complementary fund to the Plan, which brings in dowry 1.7 billion to the two craters (L’Aquila 2009 and Central Italy 2016-2017, ed) and, in particular, makes 700 million available for the economic and social revitalization of those areas.

“The risk is that now there are no projects” is the alarm from Marco Fracassi, president of Confindustria Abruzzo, and “the lack of implementation capacity” adds Giovanni Legnini, extraordinary commissioner for the earthquake: “What needs to be done is a lot more of what has been done “.

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