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“Central Market with Milan aims at 80 million in turnover”

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Un total investment of 18.5 million euros for almost 5 thousand square meters of spaces dedicated to excellent food. The Central Market of Milan, opened in mid-September, has already attracted 500 thousand entrances, on average 15 thousand people have chosen to come here every day to shop, have lunch and dinner. A turnover that employs about 400 people, one hundred direct employees.

The space, which overlooks Piazza IV Novembre and via Sammartini and which was made up of offices forgotten and closed for over 20 years now returned to the city, is in the heart of the Central Station, very high ceilings, exposed pipes, spaces with a different flavor that are the shops, the restaurant or the area dedicated to events, the Spazio Fare, with a busy schedule that started in the second week of September.

The architectural project is by the Torsello studio in Venice. The shops of the 29 artisans of taste range from the first to the desserts of the famous Pasticceria Martesana to focaccia up to the shop entrusted to the Pedol fish market, the butcher and the cafeteria, surrounded by a modern mill, an organic market, a radio laboratory and a cooking school . All artisan producers sought after by the founder Umberto Montano with a meticulous work of knowledge of the territory and of the culture of all Italian food and product.

The space has a much wider role, as the protagonist of the redevelopment of the area around the station.

“Research never ends – says Umberto Montano, a restaurant entrepreneur, who carried out the project in collaboration with the Human Company group, leader in Italy in the outdoor tourism sector -. A continuous study of small producers and the territory ». 2020 was a difficult year, Montano does not hide it: «We have lost 50% of our turnover with the closure of the lockdown».

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