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CEO of Asur Highlights Potential of Bávaro International Airport Project at Listín Diario Breakfast

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CEO of Asur Highlights Potential of Bávaro International Airport Project at Listín Diario Breakfast

Title: Major Business Group Asur Expresses Interest in Bávaro International Airport Project


In a recent light-hearted comment, the CEO of Asur, a prominent business group operating airports in Mexico and Colombia, expressed his enthusiasm for the Bávaro International Airport (AIB) project. Adolfo Castro, the CEO, jokingly mentioned that he almost regretted being invited to participate with only a 25% share, as they see great potential in the area similar to what they witnessed in Cancun, Mexico, 15 to 20 years ago. Despite the jest, Castro emphasized the importance of the AIB investment for the region’s economic growth and employment opportunities.

Investor Confidence in AIB

During the Listín Diario Breakfast event, Adolfo Castro was accompanied by Abraham Hazoury Toral, president of Grupo Abrisa, SA, George Muñoz, director of private investment funds, and other key stakeholders involved in the AIB project. The investors highlighted the importance of complying with international, technical, environmental, and aeronautical standards for the successful initiation of the airport.

Abraham Hazoury Toral explained that Asur’s 25% participation in the AIB project is due to the involvement of several other investors. He further mentioned that they will request a meeting with the Dominican Institute of Civil Aviation (IDAC) to address any concerns raised by the entity.

Meeting Technical Requirements

The AIB project has gone through rigorous studies to ensure compliance with international standards. Asur’s CEO Adolfo Castro clarified that the technical standards dictate a minimum distance of 1,050 meters between airports, and the AIB will be located 25 to 30 kilometers away from neighboring airports. Furthermore, international examples like the proximity of airports between Dallas and Washington without conflicts were presented.

Support from Investment Funds

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George Muñoz, representative of investment funds and member of OPI (a community and environmentally friendly investment entity), expressed his support for the AIB project. He stated that the airport has the potential to drive employment and positive economic growth in the Dominican Republic. Muñoz emphasized his confidence in the project’s success and dismissed concerns with reference to the involvement of reputable legal firms in both the Dominican Republic and the United States.

Future Potential and Investment Details

Adolfo Castro, CEO of Asur, reiterated his belief in the potential of the AIB area, comparing it to the success they witnessed in Cancun. Asur has already invested US$17.2 million and currently holds a 25% share in the AIB. The total investment by Asur is expected to reach US$66 million. The airport infrastructure is capable of catering to 8 to 12 million passengers and generating 5,000 to 6,000 direct job opportunities. The project includes a single runway of 4,000 meters.


Asur, an important business group in Mexico and Colombia, showcases its optimism and confidence in the Bávaro International Airport project. The involvement of reputable investors, compliance with international standards, and commitment to promoting employment and economic growth bode well for the future success of the AIB project.

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