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CEOs of chip giants Nvidia and AMD are apparently cousins

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CEOs of chip giants Nvidia and AMD are apparently cousins

Nvidia-CEO Jensen Huang und AMD-CEO Lisa Su.

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Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and AMD CEO Lisa Su are first cousins.

Huang’s mother is the sister of Su’s grandfather, a Taiwanese researcher has found.

The two emigrated to the United States as children, but do not appear to have grown up together.

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Taiwan is a stronghold for semiconductor chips – so much so that two industry giants with roots on the island are even related. It was recently revealed that Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang and AMD CEO Lisa Su are first cousins, with 60-year-old Huang being the older cousin.

The connections between Huang and Su are particularly interesting because Nvidia and AMD Both are large US chip manufacturers that compete with their products, including in the field of artificial intelligence.

Nvidia and AMD did not immediately respond to Business Insider’s requests for comment outside of normal business hours. An Nvidia spokesperson confirmed the family relationship CNN in a report Saturday, saying Su is a distant cousin of Huang on his mother’s side.

Already in 2020, Su confirmed the relationship between the two at a webinar Consumer Technology Association and said they were “distant relatives, so kind of a complex second cousin.”

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Huang’s mother is the sister of Su’s grandfather, according to Jean Wu, a former Taiwanese journalist who now researches corporate families. The genealogist – a person who traces a family’s lineages – posted on her in June Facebook-Account a summarized family tree.

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It is not immediately clear how many siblings Huang’s mother – who was born in 1939 – had in total, but according to Wu’s family tree, she was the 12th child in the family and 18 years younger than Su’s father, who was the eldest sibling.

According to CNN, Wu also interviewed a close family member of the couple when creating the family tree. Business Insider was unable to independently verify the details of the family tree.

Huang and Su emigrated to different parts of the United States

Despite the family relationship and the small age difference, Huang and Su do not seem to have grown up together. Huang was born in Taipei in 1963 and spent part of his childhood in Taiwan and Thailand. Due to social unrest in the Southeast Asian country, Huang’s parents sent the children to relatives in the United States in 1973 before moving there.

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Huang’s aunt and uncle – who had immigrated to Washington state at the time – sent Jensen and his brother to Oneida Baptist Institute in Kentucky. He attended Oregon State University.

Su, on the other hand, was born in Tainan, a city in southwestern Taiwan. When she was two years old, she moved to the USA with her parents and brother. She grew up in New York and studied at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Nevertheless, the paths of the two Taiwanese cousins ​​crossed professionally. Both are now at the helm of two of the biggest US chip company by market capitalization.

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Huang co-founded Nvidia in 1993 after working in various roles at chip companies LSI Logic and Advanced Micro Devices. Thanks to the boom in the field of generative AI, his assets have skyrocketed this year and are now around around, according to Bloomberg $40 billion (around 37.5 billion euros)

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Su joined AMD in 2012 after working at IBM for 12 years and at Freescale Semiconductor for nearly five years. In October 2014, she became CEO of AMD and is now 740 million dollars (around 694 million euros).

Nvidia’s share price closed 3.5 percent higher at $450.05 apiece on Friday and is up 208 percent this year. With a market capitalization of $1.1 trillion (about one trillion euros), Nvidia is the world‘s largest chip company by market capitalization.

AMD shares closed 4.1 percent higher at $112.25 apiece on Friday and are up 73 percent this year. In terms of value, AMD is the world‘s sixth-largest chipmaker – and the third-largest in the US – with a market capitalization of $181 billion (around €170 billion).

Read the original article Business Insider.

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