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Champion Award | Vertiv CRAC products won the “National Manufacturing Single Champion”_TOM News

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Champion Award | Vertiv CRAC products won the “National Manufacturing Single Champion”_TOM News

Recently, under the guidance of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and hosted by the China Federation of Industrial Economics, the high-quality development experience exchange meeting of single champion enterprises in the manufacturing industry was grandly held. Vertiv’s (NYSE: VRT) “Computer Room Air Conditioning” product won the “Manufacturing Single Champion” with its outstanding technical strength and excellent market performance.

Xu Kemin, Chief Economist of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said at the meeting, “Single champion enterprises are typical representatives of high-quality manufacturing enterprises and an important part of world-class enterprises.”

Champion Award | Vertiv CRAC products won the

Vertiv’s strong strength in the field of computer room air conditioners is based on accurate grasp of customer needs and relying on a global R&D platform. The research and development of each of its products is based on accurate analysis of customer needs and practical applications. On the basis of pain points; on the other hand, Vertiv has a systematic R&D system, production system, testing system and technical elites, which provide guarantee for technology R&D and product innovation, and ensure the success of R&D concepts and product solutions. landing.

Champion Award | Vertiv CRAC products won the

Ran Qikun, Vice President of Vertiv Asia-Pacific Thermal Management and Fusion Solutions Division, was invited to attend the round-table dialogue session of “Capital Boosts High-Quality Development of Enterprises” and shared Vertiv’s advanced experience in the field of manufacturing , Vertiv, as an invisible champion in the field of key infrastructure, constantly empowers partners in the process of enterprise’s own development, plays a leading role, and cooperates with the upstream and downstream of the industry to jointly achieve high-quality development of manufacturing enterprises.

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In the future, Vertiv will adhere to the long-term values, give full play to the advantages of being a champion, and actively innovate and continuously launch computer room air-conditioning products that meet the needs of customers, so as to ensure the reliable and green operation of the digital world.

About Vertiv

Vertiv (NYSE: VRT) is committed to ensuring the continuous operation of customers’ critical applications, exerting optimal performance, and expanding business needs, and provides a total solution of hardware, software, analysis and extended service technology for this purpose. Vertiv helps modern data center, edge data center, communication network, commercial and industrial facility customers face the tough challenges with a comprehensive portfolio of power, cooling and IT infrastructure solutions and technology services covering cloud to network edge . Architects of Continuity™ is always online, building the future together! For more information, please visit the official website.

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